The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread


what a fluke :slight_smile:


Mignolet lollllllllllll! 1-1 William!


Perfect results for us, although I’d rather lolpool lose.


You watch us lose or draw to burnley now, its the Arsenal way!


Was a no brainer purchase.


Woe Salah!


Nah, but ya know what is the Arsenal way? Being above tottenham and when we win tomorrow that’s right where we will be.


1-1 FT. Fair result.


Fabregas’s passing :open_mouth:


So win tomorrow and we’re on 25 points and 4th on GD. We’ll be right there for top 4 at the end of the season. Wenger in.


the bin




^ It’s at the point now where I feel that smiley belongs to Luca.


Stop responding to that bloody yankee. He is a fucking troll. Get a grip @Calum!


Southampton score. Everton :arteta:

Sigurdsson equalizes.

1-1 at HT.

Charlie Austin gives Southampton a new lead.

3-1 Austin. Everton are just crap.


It’s actually embarrassing how bad Everton are. Complete shambles. I guess that’s what happens when you have a Supermarket Sweep style transfer window.

Their defence is slower than a snail in quicksand.


4-1 :cech:

4-1 FT for Southampton. Good job if Everton got relegated.


Everton as dire as usual. Can’t believe they’ve still not got a coach :arteta:


C’mon Huddersfield!
Huddersfield been good so far.
Massive chance for Aguero here.
Sanè so good.
Massive chance for Huddersfield here. They should take them!


1-0 Huddersfield at HT. Keep it up!

Knew it. Penalty to City. 1-1 Aguero.


you jinxed it