The Other Premier League Fixtures Thread (old)

Comfortable Spurs win today. But we’ll piss them off tomorrow by beating Newcastle.

Burnley are without Tarkowski and Mee as well. Damn.

Burnley are going to drop their pants quicker than a $5 whore.


C’mon Burnley!! C’mon you cunts!

You’re all so negative

Burnley have PL survival on the line

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Cornet turning into a striker at Burnley is something…

Kane is shameless. Did he really ask a pen for a diving header? :rofl:

I’m only surprised he wasn’t given it :slight_smile:

C’mon lads!! Good job so far! We wont get relegated!

Livescore says Burnley only have 11% possession lol

Looking bleak.

Yeah, the best we can hope for is Burnley holding them to a draw.

They could pull a Spurs and make this a smash and grab

Oh who am I fooling, probably ends up 3-0


A good move by Burnley. That was close in the end

Come on Burnley

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Ffs a sitter for Cornet!!

We should be ahead!!!

Burnley defending better than we could lol


It’s funny because it’s true.

Also sad because no Mee or Tarkowski…


It’s just a Spursy thing. They can turn it on for the big games.