The Official Tennis Thread


I know its been a couple weeks but I still can’t beleive Sascha’s the first player born in the 90’s to win a M1000, it’s crazy.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t turn out like Nish & Del Potro :sleepy:


It’s crazy to think that this time last year Djokovic had just won the French Open and held all four Grand Slams. Come this weekend he’ll have none.

Great game by Dominic Thiem though :raised_hands:


Thiem has just annihilated Djokovic in straight sets


Woeful performance from Djokvoic and embarrassing that he tanked the last set if Warwrinka makes the final he’ll be ranked 4th and with this form he’ll drop further and further down the rankings.

Great for Thiem, Nadal will be a different animal altogether.


I’ve changed my mind about him… :gabriel:


Thiem’s on :fire: :fire: :fire: it’s only a matter of time before his crowned The new King of Clay, that said he’s gonna have to play out of this world like a did a few weeks ago to beat Rafa again.

Can’t wait for Friday.

Rafa’s on for his La Decima, Thiem’s on for his first Grand Slam.



Murray looked like he was going to take this match for a while, but it’s all Stan now.

Perhaps I’m biased towards the Brit, but to me, this semi final has been the match of the tournament. I doubt the next semi or even the final will match up to this!


It’s over he isn’t coming back from a double break with Stan dialled in.

Nadal would’ve creamed Murray in the final anyway.


Murray is used to being the bridesmaid!

But yeah it’s all over. Probably for the best really, Stan will give Nadal a better game.


Bread stick on the cards lol.

And it’s over, well done Stan wore Murray down.


I didn’t realise Stan had a 100% win record in grand slam finals. I know it’s only 3, but still.

Great match but on we go with the next one - Nadal will win but I hope Thiem doesn’t get smashed.


Great start from Thiem, his backhand is lethal :boom:


Rafa’s soo good, if Theim’s not careful this could be over quickly.


You don’t win this tournament 9 times by accident. He rules Paris! I was hoping this would be a good match but it’s going pretty much as expected.


Haha nah I know Rafa’s my favorite player of all time & the King of clay for a reason but I was still kinda for a better performance from Thiem today.


He’s barely broken a sweat this week, I hope he gets his 10th title on Sunday!


Warwrinka vs Nadal makes for a much better final, Murray especially fatigued and off form would have got merked.

So it’s the man who won 3/3 grand slam finals vs the guy that’s won every single French Open final he’s played in.

Something has to give, can’t wait.


Can’t see anyone beating Nadal this Tournsment the way he’s playing, Stan will do well to take a set IMO.


I agree that Nadal will win, but I think you’re being a bit unfair on Stan. Until today he hadn’t lost a set all tournament. And if he plays like he did in that last set - granted Murray lost it a bit, but still, some of the shots Stan produced were magic. Hopefully he’ll give Rafa a game.