The Official Tennis Thread


Nadal actually lost in the Quarters of Madrid, surprising to ever seen him lose on Clay but Thiem is probably the 2nd on clay in the world.


Yeah Nadal was shaky but Thiem was hugely impressive, beat Anderson for the first time today too.

Who have you got in the final? Thiem needs it badly but Zverev is in top form.


I think it’s a relatively 50-50 final, but I’m going to say Thiem, anyone who beats Nadal on clay is a worthy winner of the tournament.


So Zverev wins 6-4 6-4, Thiem still without a masters title.


He didn’t show up today, was a limp performance and it’s a shame after winning against Rafa.

Zverev is a worthy champion, no one other than the big four has as many masters as Zverev, and he’s still only 21 - very impressive.


Zverev just needs to take the next step in the Slams, don’t think he’s even made a Quarter final of a slam yet,


Yep he needs to get to a quarter final, there’s still question marks over his mentality since he has these huge dips that cost him big matches.


Zverev has made it to the quarter finals, think he has won 3 consecutive 5 set matches. I think Thiem beats him in the quarters though. Nice to see Djokovic back in form, comfortably through to the quarters.


Yeah not sure how much he has left in the tank but it’s nice to see him finally break through to the QF, doing it ugly will put him in good stead for the future.

As you say I back Thiem to beat him in best of five on the clay, Djokovic getting through to his first grand slam QF since Wimbledon last year is a welcome sight.


Who the hell is this bloke that knocked Djokovic out in the quarter finals ?
Zverev has nothing left in the tank as Thiem destroyed him.


I don’t follow tennis, but that was epic!


Yeah, that was pretty amazing. Djokovic is such a gracious loser, too.

But I still find it sad

It’s just feels like another step towards the end of an era, with the big 4 all on the out :pensive:


Why isn’t Djokovic going to play on the Grass ? At least Federer will be back for Wimbledon. Is Murray on track to make it ?


Murray is still hopeful, but by the sounds of it, he’s cutting it fine.


Who would’ve thought a year or so back that Roger Federer would be in the best shape going forward out of the big 4


He does retire this time of the season tho…


Good to see JMDP in another French open Semi Final after all the injuries he’s endured.


Nadal through to the final of the Nadal Open

Hopefully it’ll be a good match – Thiem has beaten Nadal three times on clay before, so if someone’s going to stop him, he’s the man. I think Rafa will edge it though.


Shame about my fellow countryman. He still did fucking well though.


Yeah fitting final as Thiem is the second best player on Clay at the moment, he beaten him on clay before but I think Nadal takes this in 4.