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Cilic looking the goods up 2 sets to love.


A bridge too far for Edmund. Cilic is in fine form and too good for him. That said Edmund should take a lot of positives from this tournament, the experience he has gained from this will stand him in good stead in the future.


This is not going well. But he should still be proud.

Edmund has definitely improved over the last year. But even before that, he was part of a winning Davies Cup team and he got to last 16 of the US Open. So he’s always been hanging around.

I think his new coaches have helped him massively - especially where his serve is concerned. Hopefully he can continue his good form throughout the year.


Another final for Federer. He’ll be close to 37 by the time the final slam of the year comes around it’ll be interested to see how he maintains this level of consistency.



To be fair, he didn’t have to do anything in that semi final. And he has had a big advantage with all his night matches, not to mention his fairly easy run.

It’s a massive advantage to be acclimatised to the same court at the same time. Wimbledon seems much more fairer in terms of scheduling. Not that I begrudge him this and obviously I love watching him, but he had everything on his side.


How many times has Federer had night matches and has he always been on the Rod Laver?


Rod Laver every single match. All but one of his matches was at night.

I’ll use the Berdych QF as an example. Berdych hadn’t played a single minute on that court before then.

Even Federer himself admitted that playing on the same court as similar times is ideal.


Yeah a definite advantage then as with Wimbledon when he’s playing a Centre court Newbie there for the first 2 or 3 rounds often.

But he’s earned that advantage I guess and there’s never a realistic chance of it being any other way


Wimbledon has never been this obvious with its bias though, they at least try and spread the good players over Centre and Court 1. And Court 2 at times. Even Murray isn’t given an obvious advantage!

I get why they do it of course, it’s better from a commercial viewpoint for Federer to be there until the end. But they could have moved him to another court at least once! Or even another day match. He’s good, he could get through on his own merit


He’s the highest Ranked player on his side of the draw and the one people want to watch the most also, no surprise he’s always been scheduled at night on Rod Laver arena.


Fed wins the first set in 24 mins.


38 degrees in Melbourne, amazing. When does the ‘heat rule’ come into play and what is it exactly?


:denmark: :denmark: :denmark: :denmark: :denmark:


It came into play yesterday during the women’s final. They just take a 10 minute time out basically.

Also, they had the roof off for the women’s final and today it is on.


Ah, thanks darling :+1: Federer’s making it look like it’s 18 degrees right now not 38 :eyes:


Yeah but how hot is it on court with the roof shut?

This happened yesterday with the roof off:


Fed attracting more criticism: “he’s basically an exhibition player, who plays on the court of his choosing at the time of his choosing and with the roof closed when he wants”


Fed express up 2 sets to 1


As much as I like watching Federer, I definitely enjoyed the women’s final more – which is a rarity for me. It was one of best women’s grand slam finals i’ve ever seen!


2 sets all in the men’s final, Cilic game back from 1-3 to win the set 6-3.