The Official MMA Thread (Mixed Martial Arts)


At least that’s a positive reason :slight_smile:

Dunno how I want it to go to be honest. Jones is Jones and one of the best and most exciting fighters the sport has seen but we’re unlikely to see that in this fight. If it goes the distance I think I’d like Cormier to keep the gold, but that seems the most unlikely outcome.


Just woke up and Jon Jones has tested positive for a steroid. Man is absolutely toast, they won’t give him another chance.


At least we got to see the fight this time I guess…

In fairness the statement doesn’t say what it is but after last time that really doesn’t matter. Any confirmed failure and he’ll never fight in the UFC again.

Edit: just read another article where the drug is in fact named.


So disappointed.


I’m not sure why a professional fighter would need to use tbol but he’s a juice head and that was obvious from the way his body completely transformed itself.


No way man, that was all the deadlifts! :joy:


Such a shame. He doesnt even need it.


Is he not going against Brock Lesnar at some point? I mean Brock is always on something too so you might as well have the 2 go at it lol


This is really good!


Brendan Schaub read an email he received from a source on his podcast that said Jon Jones popped for Turinabol because he thought he was taking Mibolerone (apparently a drug that’s common in fighting and extremely difficult to test for) but had dodgy gear.


Fuckkkk, best knockout I’ve seen in a while.


UFC 216 with the ligweight bout: Tony cucuy ferguson vs Kevin lee.

Im looking forward for this match, Ferguson has to be one of the best fighters in the UFC, so exciting to watch him fight.


It’s a joke that this is a fight for a belt, whilst McGregor is healthy.


Rumour going about here is that he will fight Diaz on December 30th for the belt…


I agree, ferguson deserves the title shot.


That would be so unfair.


That would be really sad. Ferguson is no Eddie Alvarez. People are going to want to see Ferguson vs McGregor. And it would be a competitive fight (I think). I don’t want to question McGregor’s stature as a fighter, and I don’t blame him for chasing the money, but him not defending the 145-belt or fight Khabib/Ferguson is just sad.


Conor will fight Diaz and bounce I reckon, he’s made too much money to be fighting real difficult fights like Ferguson or Khabib.


Yea absolutely. McGregor is undoubtedly an incredible fighter but he has been beyond terrible as a champion.


Dana says the rumours are not true so McGregor Diaz 3 is 100% happening