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I really like Max! He’s a top top talent who will hopefully win a lot of Championships. It’s good to have this edge he has, a winner. Holland are really proud of him, he’s a good kid!

You’re just a bitter Italian boy :smiley:


He is talented, but never a champion. Too hothead.

Bitter italian? Better to be a rotten tulipan.


Vettel tried to smash Max off but came off worse. Why is he diving down the inside like that. Crazy.


@Bl1nk, ban me if you consider me “a bitter italian boy”. I am fine with it.


That’s not a bannable offense Luca :slight_smile: If it was you’d be banned all the time :smiley:


You have to understand i’d like to punch Verstappen in the face. He only ruins Ferrari’s races. Don’t know why he hates us. Retarded cunt.


BECAUSE HE WAS DESPERATE! Ferrari left him in this state. Finishing 3rd or 6th changed nothing.


I agree. Ferrari strategists have been awful this season.


I’ll tell you who is a real thundercunt of a moron and will kill somebody one day, is Kevin Magnusson.

What a cunt. Haas doing F1 a disservice by employing the shit drivers they do.

@Luca_from_Italy he himself left him in that state. looking at his crumbles, I have no idea how he managed to win 4 world titles, those Newey machines must have been spectacular.

Bring on Charles for next season.


Lol! Charles will do nothing is Arrivabene is still in charge. It’s like Arsenal and Wenga.


Nothing wrong with Arrivabene per se, but for sure if nothing in the trackside is changed then he does have to walk.

Rumours are that Jock Clear will be LeClerc’s race engineer, I don’t know whether to be happy or not lol


R.I.P. Charles, then. Jock is a fucking joke with the strategy :hipster: :arteta:


But it means he’s not calling the shots anymore :arteta:


It’s probably just coincidence, but ever since the passing of Marricione in the Summer, Ferrari have totally dropped the ball and the pace has started to disappear as well.

Nonetheless, Vettel probably would’ve still been making all these dumb errors anyways. I really like the guy, but christ he’s made some terrible mistakes this season. Not how a 4 time champion should be.


Lots of movement for and in F1 next season. Found this cool little chart to keep updated on it.


The F1 theme tune suddenly sounds more bearable when composed by an animated cat :smiley:


Mick Schumacher wins Formula 3 European title with race to spare -


I’ll reply here because off topic

Those 4 titles have the Newey tax. Take away the Newey tax and that amounts to maybe, 1.


Haha Newey tax. Sure the Newey influenced helped but the guy was seriously quick from the beginning even before 2009. Take 2012 for example. In my opinion, Mclaren had the fastest car that season, but royally fucked up. I know many bang on about Alonso should’ve won the title that season were it not for Spa blah blah, while conveinently forgetting the problems Seb encounted as well during that season. but Vettel still managed to win the title despite not having the best car that season imo.

I know these days he’s bottled it and trying too hard all the time, but V8 era Seb was a beast and the combo of Seb and Red Bull was just a perfect match. He certainly deserves at least 2 maybe even 3 of those titles I think.


He still is fast as fuck.

I’d say yes faster than Hamilton on many days.

But he’s a bottlejob that loves a crash. He was in the RedBull days too.

It’s just that now the cars are even, his mistakes are more exposed.

He knew that even if he, say, tangled with Bruno Senna on lap 1 of a title decider, he’d still have enough speed over everyone to make it to where he needed to be for the title.

Whereas now if he tangles with Stroll/Hamilton/Verstappen/Raikkonen/Bottas, he can’t quite do that.