The Official Formula One thread


Ahahha! :poldi:


Lekker Max! :facepunch:t2::netherlands::1st_place_medal:


We can be both happy for once. Still a tulipan cun though :mustafi:


Neck problems for Seb :xhaka:


Stroll and Grosjean just not up to the standard of F1 :xhaka:

Sick of seeing them crash race after race.


A friend of mine works as part of Toto Wolff’s household staff.

Says he’s a proper top bloke.


Great qualifying! Happy with the 2nd spot.


Unlucky lads. Great lap from Lewis to get pole but he must be scared for tomorrow


Yeah, Kimi and Seb look fucking fast.


Wow Kimi taking Lewis out, fuck.


Get in! What a start!


Ferraris look really fast.


Wanker Kimi


LeClerc :santi:

Kimi all over the place, thank god LeClerc is in next year.

Grosjean is a dumb cunt. I hate that useless bastard, no idea what Haas are doing keeping that dipshit in a seat.



What a last few laps though!


What a race and overtake on Bottas from Seb!!!

Mercedes strategy team strikes again.


Deserved win. Ferrari clearly the better car today.


Hamilton: ‘‘interesting tactics on their part’’’

Or something along those lines.



To bad Lewis got time to think about what he should say, would have wanted to hear a spontaneous interview right after.


Toto and Allison saying the same.

:arteta: they are raging.

Lewis should be happy to an extent, the safety cars helped him come back to 2nd from last place!