The Official Cricket Thread


So much so for India being the best team in the world lol, they are just like everyone else, dominant at home and average to poor away.


Only team that can play half decent away from home is Pakistan, and that’s because we play every game away :arteta:


Laughable Australian squad selected for the Tour to play Pakistan, Maxwell still can’t get a gig and they have selected Siddle despite him not even getting picked for Victoria in half the first class games last season.


@Sol @hassassin after the highs of the CT final, normal service is resumed :arteta:


Absolutely wiped the floor with us in that final, and a far more important result than the one today.

Wasn’t expecting a lot after the tonking we took from England. Oh well, a win against the old enemy is always welcome :sunglasses:


Back on track after what sounded like a thrilling match against Afghanistan.


Australia batted out 140 overs to save a test against Pakistan, I can’t remember the last time we have dug in and done this away from home. Usman Khawaja was brilliant with 85 in the 1st dig and 141 in the 2nd.


Fucking horrible bowling from our boys, after Abbas dismantled the top order.

Should have been plain sailing. Really discouraging, on a pitch like that as well