The Official Cricket Thread


So much so for India being the best team in the world lol, they are just like everyone else, dominant at home and average to poor away.


Only team that can play half decent away from home is Pakistan, and that’s because we play every game away :arteta:


Laughable Australian squad selected for the Tour to play Pakistan, Maxwell still can’t get a gig and they have selected Siddle despite him not even getting picked for Victoria in half the first class games last season.


@Sol @hassassin after the highs of the CT final, normal service is resumed :arteta:


Absolutely wiped the floor with us in that final, and a far more important result than the one today.

Wasn’t expecting a lot after the tonking we took from England. Oh well, a win against the old enemy is always welcome :sunglasses:


Back on track after what sounded like a thrilling match against Afghanistan.


Australia batted out 140 overs to save a test against Pakistan, I can’t remember the last time we have dug in and done this away from home. Usman Khawaja was brilliant with 85 in the 1st dig and 141 in the 2nd.


Fucking horrible bowling from our boys, after Abbas dismantled the top order.

Should have been plain sailing. Really discouraging, on a pitch like that as well


India should win in Australia this summer for the first time ever, No smith and Warner obviously and Usman in some doubt after a knee injury suffered against Pakistan. Despite us having a very good bowling attack it’s hard to see us getting a result if our 3 best batsmen aren’t available.


Good Series win for England in Sri Lanka, also New Zealand winning a classic test vs Pakistan in the UAE. Western world teams doing something Australia could only dream of in sub continent conditions.


I was successful in the ballot for tickets to the final Ashes Test next year, currently sat in a queue to purchase a couple.

Not even into cricket and just entered the ballot to try and help my pals out by maximising their chances. Now definitely gonna go. I figure, what better way to dip my toe?


Going to an actual cricket match is all about the bants and getting drunk anyway. Especially test matches when there will be periods with not much going on. Beating the Aussies is just a bonus :grin:


That’s kinda what I thought :grin:


Hopefully for @JakeyBoy its not the Lords Test, we always usually give England a touch up at st Johns wood. I’m assuming the final test will be the Oval though… and yeah cricket is a great day on the piss.


Yeah it’s the Oval. Been in the queue since about half 8 and it just refreshed itself. Seems to have totally reset my position and thrown me to the back of the queue. But my mate said the same happened to him so hopefully it’s the whole system being fucked and not a case of me losing my place as such


Sounds like our ticketing system when purchasing finals tickets for AFL with 95k at the MCG, absolute pain in the arse when all members are on at once.


My mate got in before me and managed to buy my two tickets for me. Just as well as everything in that block has now gone and the page I’ve got open was still telling me that I had over an hour left to wait lol

Hundred quid for each ticket though :flushed:

My thought process is that it’ll feel like it’s free by the time September 2019 rolls around lol


You might not feel that way if the Aussies have wrapped up the series 3-1 by that stage and the fifth test match is essentially meaningless… :poldi:


As I said, I’m not that into cricket so won’t upset me if it’s all decided by then, I’m just going for the experience really.

But yeah, the ballot only let us go for the final test, obviously wouldn’t have been our first choice but there ya go :slightly_smiling_face:


Fair play to England winning 3-0 in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka aren’t as strong as they used to be but that’s still a very impressive result in the sub continent.