England just scored a world record 444-3 in their ODI against Pakistan. Lol their limited overs team is a fucking shambles.

Still, no.1 in the world for tests :wenger:

Beating someone 444 to 3 is a pretty amazing record.

:wenger2: :facepalm:

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Records all over the place in that match

Hales with the most runs in a ODI for England, most 6’s in a match by England as well i think

I prefer the days when hitting 350 was a rarity.
New Cricket rules have fucked the bowlers.

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There are many reasons ODI’s have morphed into what they are today. Much of it is somewhat irreversible. Many consider it as merely a (positive) evolution. I consider it a mixture of disproportionate innovation and preparation between not only the three major facets of the game, but also the conditions curated and applied to the international scene.

The result is that ODI clearly is the strangest and most inconsistent format outside of tournaments today. T20 and Test Cricket are the only two formats preserving their identity and providing a consistent balance between bat and ball.

Dynamism acquired from naturally gained insight over the years, athletic advancement, market forces and sports science are what represent evolution. Twenty20’s prominence, reverse laps, scoops and helicopter shots are all fruits of that labour.

But the continual development of massive bats, multiple fielding restrictions, excessive flat batting wickets, cricketing culture change, salary variance between formats and franchises. shorter boundaries, umpire’s call on the review system (and others I can’t think of off the top of my head) are not exactly natural adaptations to the sport.

In fact what is clear is that ODI Cricket has been pushed further and further towards becoming an extension of the T20 format. Obviously players have become highly trained to play aggressive shots 360 degrees around the field that find gaps, wherever the ball pitches really. Then we have all the relatively new powerplays. They alone have added a good 50-80 runs to the average score. I’m really not a fan of how many there are. Old rules and fairer pitches would even things up a lot more for the bowlers. if we’re allowing all the freedom in the world to batsmen, where are the advantages and support for bowlers? They’re having to bowl more unorthodox deliveries than ever due to balls in the slot disappearing over the fence so often. Preservation of the 50 over bat and ball contest is key, and this is simply not happening at this time.

The sport at the highest level in T20 and ODI formats has completely transformed. The demands on all players now regarding fitness, strength and conditioning, creativity and variation are at levels ODI has never been. Each format is affecting the other. Praise be that Test Cricket still holds more of an untouched value, but even that is gradually changing. Bowling development and support just cannot ride the same wave as batting in today’s conditions. The phrase “it’s a batsman’s game” has rarely been truer than today, so whenever we get a bowling friendly pitch or massive turner, I can rarely be upset as it guarantees a hell of a contest.

Talent too has varied through generations, but this is certainly an incomparable era to ten years ago. The bottom line here is, the balance at the top lev is proving to be too skewed in favour of batting, based on both natural causes and unnatural causes. It’s the unnatural advantages that the ICC ought to do something serious about. Runs do not always equate to excitement. The days of the 250 par scores were far more enthralling and probably generating more revenue (could be well off here).

I fear money and the emphasis on T20 will dictate ODI Cricket for years to come. It is not thriving.

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I Prefer wickets that favour bowlers if anything, in my opinion that makes for a more exciting match.

Pakistan have now suffered 12 consecutive test match losses in Australia.

I watched the whole test series and Australia were the better side in every department. It’s funny how decisive that is now when precisely half way into this series (as in, day three of the second test match), it looked like a reasonably close and competitive series.

The highlights were certainly the first two matches which both produced dramatic and memorable day four and fives.

Not that I believe this Pakistan team gave them a truly stern test in these conditions, and if anything fell pathetically like their seniors in the past, but Australia have learned a lot since the series defeats to Sri Lanka away and the second test match against South Africa at home.

Just to add to Australian cricket; they will never stop being a force in world cricket for any prolonged period of time. Their first-class and developmental structure continues to produce some of the most professionally driven all-round cricketers in the world.

Having said that, Australia will go to India and in all likelihood get spun like they did in Sri Lanka.

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We will still likely cop a pasting in the upcoming Indian Series though, Our record in the sub continent in the last 5 years is nothing short of embarrassing.

Amazing day of Test Cricket in Pune. 15 wickets fell including India losing 7/11. India’s 19 match unbeaten run is under threat with Australia leading by 298 Runs with 6 wickets in hand.

Australia win by 333 Runs, with Steve O Keefe taking match figures of 12-70.

Australia were sensational.

At least the series should be half interesting now.

India creating another spinners paradise with them being bowled out for 189 on Day 1 with Nathan Lyon taking 8-50.

ICC tournament simply getting destroyed by rain, but what do you expect in the UK I suppose.

It’s a farce isn’t it. The ICC need to come up with a solution because this has been having a major impact in most tournaments for decades now.

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Amazing stuff

Fall flat against India in the opening game - written off

Upset the world number one ranked team South Africa

Overcame adversity in a high pressure quarter-final against Sri Lanka

Completely shock the cricketing landscape against the clear tournament favourites England in the semi’s

Demolish a magnificent Indian team in the final and complete a phenomenal sporting tale

I only spoke to the coach Mickey Arthur just under a year ago ffs :joy:

Lowest ranked team in the tournament and champions, so proud of this team because they’ve become an absolute unit and loved following them every step of the way.

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Couldn’t believe the score in the final, absolute smashing and India yet again proving they cant win anything major outside the sub continent.