The Official Birthday thread


Happy birthday mate hope u had a good one.

Thank you everybody for my birthday wishes


Yeah amazing how quick they come round mate.


Happy Birthday Nafe, aka @YJYUX :grin:


Happy birthday lads!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday @YJYUX


Happy birthday @AW49


Happy Birthday @YJYUX @AW49

Hope you have a good day!


Many happy returns @YJYUX. Have a great one.


Happy Birthday lads.


Happy birthday boys :pray:t3:


Happy birthday gentleman, may your day be as carefree as mine was yesterday.

Thabks again to everyone for your wishes btw :+1:


All the best @AW49.


Cheers fellas :+1:


Happy birthday @YJYUX :tada:


Happy Birthday Gents.


Happy b’day @YJYUX & @AW49


Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! :grin:

My wife is sending me on an Arsenal Legends Emirates Tour with Lee Dixon! Always wanted to do a tour of the stadium but this is excellent!

Just got to think of some questions to ask him :thinking:


Ask him if he fancies digging his boots out again. He can’t be any worse than Lichtsteiner!


Belated birthday wishes to @YJYUX, @AW49, @Lister86.

Hope you had a good one!!!