The Official Birthday thread


Happy Birthday fellas!


Happy Birthday @JakeyBoy

Hope you have a good one pal!


Happy Birthday brother. The main man himself.


Happy Birthday @JakeyBoy. Have a great day!!


I was celebrating it this Friday just gone mate, living it up in Woolwich and accidentally bumping into @SRCJJ in the street. Stayed out til four or five, so I went way past my usual 10 o’clock to midnight period of talking utter shit here when getting home after work drinks haha.

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. I’ve taken the day off work so I’m going to play some Hitman this morning and go and see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse this afternoon :smile:

Happy Birthday to you too @Lister86 :+1:


Happy birthday @JakeyBoy


Happy birthday everyone


Happy Birthday @Lister86 aswell :+1:


Happy Birthday @Lister86 - have a good one pal.


Happy birthday @JakeyBoy. Just the one in a year is so lightweight though.:sunglasses:


Happy Birthday @Lister86. Have a good day <and year ahead.


Happy Birthday @Lister86

Happy Birthday @JakeyBoy

Happy Birthday @Stroller


Happy birthday lads!


Happy birthday!! @JakeyBoy @Lister86


Happy birthday lads :+1:


Happy birthday @Lister86 !


Happy bithday gents!


Happy Birthday, gentlemen.


Happy birthday lads!


Happy birthday @JakeyBoy and @Lister86