The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


The Rockets are desperate. They are going to get Jeff Bzdelik (defensive coach) back out of his retirement. Although they deny their start is the reason of him coming back.


Houston lost may too many solid roles and added Carmelo Anthony. They’re fucked.


The Lakers beat us at home, then the next day they come out and trail the kawhi-less raptors by 25 after the 1st at Staples.


Back to backs are no joke, the Lakers looked like they had been in a 12 round fight with portland less than 24 hours before, which they had! Probably missing Kawhi helped the Raptors cuz it also seemed like the Lakers weren’t taking them very seriously to start the game.

I’m giving the Lakers until about the 20th game. If they don’t have their shit together by that point, just pack it in this year, maybe need to fire Walton too.


The Bucks trounced the Warriors in the Oracle, admittedly Draymond Green didn’t play but it’s still super impressive by the Bucks.


Butler traded to Philly for Saric, Covington and a 2022 2nd round pick, don’t mind the move for both franchises, Philly needed another all star to add to Embiid and Ben, whilst Minny get some decent pieces for a want away player who was going to walk.


Raptors, Celtics, Philly, Bucks, Indiana, the east conf is on fire this season.


Glad to see that there are at least some, competitive teams. It’s very top heavy with those teams u mentioned tho, it’s not the western conference top to bottom.


Looking forward to watching Butler at Philly. Exciting times.


Hopefully if work goes according to plan I’ll be able to catch some of the Lakers vs Blazers game live on ESPN this afternoon, Dame is in some sort of doubt after taking a hard fall vs Boston, would make it extremely difficult for us to win if he doesn’t play.


Lol 730 pm on Wed here, ready to see ur Blazers get rekt by the :goat::goat::goat: modern day NBA franchise?? WE’VE GOT LEBRONNNNN :grin::grin::grin::clap::clap::clap:


LeBron was insane tonight :dizzy_face:, still he probably has 2-3 prime years left to get another ring and he’s wasted a season this year.


Did he waste it tho? I think it’s pretty clear the Laker roster is a hell of a lot better than Cleveland, and the simple reality is that they can’t get big free agents to sign there. I think he knew that his best chance of winning a ring again is to sign with LA.


I think Philly was probably a better choice, but that’s up for debate, probably depends who the Lakers can sign this off season. If you get 2 of Durant, Kawhi or Klay then yeah Lakers his best shot.


Meh Philly is alright. They’ve got a better top 2 guys than the Lakers had last year, but that’s still not enough to get past GSW. In Lebron’s mind he is probably thinking the Lakers can get Kawhi and Klay or Anthony Davis, which are all possibilities, and it’s probably what Magic convinced him of. Now a team like that can definitely beat GSW.


Davis won’t move for this summer, so by the earliest he could join LeBron is when LeBron is 35. I do agree Kawhi, Klay & LeBron if you can pull it off could win it next year.


@Arsenal4thetreble Dame, CJ, LeBron & Nurk would have been a pretty decent core :wink:


Yeh I can’t recall if Philly or Portland even had the money to sign him straight up this last summer.

The rumor about AD is that NO will look to trade him this summer if they can’t get him to sign an extension, they don’t wanna lose him for nothing.


Philly did have the room, we would have had to dump some contracts to make room.


LeBron cares about his legacy. And I think he buys in to the hype about his finals record. I think he is 3 - 6 in the finals now. That’s another big thing in the decision to move west, if he can’t knock off GSW then he’ll lose in the western conference playoffs and not have another finals loss on his record.