The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I heard different. Rumors here were that the Spurs were asking for Kuzma, Ingram, Hart and 3 first round draft picks, which is so steep of an asking price the Lakers said fuck that and discontinued talks. Derozan is like maybe a top 25 player, MAYBE, and he’s owed a ton of money with 4 years left on his contract. If the Spurs are happy being a 6 - 8 seed for a foreseeable future, so be it. However if they wanna get back to championship level Derozan isn’t the answer, they need a rebuild.


I agree with what you are saying about the Spurs just hovering 6-8 seed now, but I think it was more about them not wanting the Lakers to instantly be a legit title contender :joy:.


Oh yeah exactly lol, that’s why I was laughing because of spite they probably did the wrong thing for their franchise.

Kawhi might make the Raptors really good, but they won 59 games last year. Dunno if they can get past the 76ers or Celtics in the playoffs anyways, plus it’s cold as hell in Canada with really high taxes. So it would be a minor miracle for Kawhi to stay there tbh.


LeBron James says he picked the Lakers because he wants to be challenged.

— Yahoo Sports NBA (@YahooSportsNBA) 31 juli 2018

When I read this I lol’ed. It’s inevitable the Lakers will find their way back to the playoffs. If he wanted an actual challenge; go to Denver too win a Championship. Even if they have a good core right now that would be show much more of a challenge.


I love LeBron but he picked the Lakers to fully maximise his marketability.


Hearing about his school, sounds awesome.

Good job LeBron.


The Lakers only won 35 games, if Lebron takes us to the 2 or 3 seed he’s a god.


He will take you to 3rd or 4th seed, because he is a God, Cleveland will also go from Eastern Conference Champions to 30 wins.


Omg. According to Marc Stein Butler and his agent have informed Minnesota about the fact that the Miami Heat are the preferred destination for a trade. Yes, please!


Very strange choice tbh, don’t really see why he’d want Miami other than the weather.


No income tax.


He has a good relationship with D Wade.


It’s a year loan anyways because the rumors are he and either KD or Kyrie wanna hook up in NYC next season when they are all FA’s.


Yeah most likely, but remember Paul George was a year rental also as he wanted to go to LA so everyone said.


I honestly don’t think Miami has anything to lose in this case. Maybe their 2019 first round draft pick but they won’t be bad enough too pick high.


Ten days before tip off and Houston and Boston will try and stop the Golden State Warriors of what seems an inevitable 4th championship in five years. Other teams have no chance.


Golden state will win again, but Durant will walk in 12 months and then the league will get interesting.


I’ve read the rumours to New York too, but I’m not really buying it. Golden State is not a situation you should leave, but from the perspective of becoming a billionaire a NYC move makes a lot of sense. Durant/Porzingis duo seems unguardable. But like I said I’ll only believe that if it happened.


An opening game loss for Lebron and his Lakers in Portland, always felt the Blazers would get them on his Lakers debut.


Jokic game today was a 30+ point triple double and he was perfect from the field, absolutely outstanding game.