The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Fultz is the only young player I’d give up. I’m not sure what else the Sixers can offer. Yes, Kawhi is legit, but we’ve spent years now rebuilding, so you don’t want to throw it all away. Simmons and Embiid are brilliant. Kawhi would only add to that. I think it would make the Sixers real contenders for the final. As it stands, it should come down to Boston/Philly for the spot in the final, although I wouldn’t completely write off Toronto.

The big question mark with giving up too much is that Kawhi only has 1 year remaining and could leave in free agency the following season. So there needs to be caution in the offer.

Glad to see JJ Reddick resign. Quality experience returning is a huge bonus.


I think Boston comfortably wins the East next season.


lol at the NBA, you can’t even make this stuff in 2K, Cousins for 5mil replacing McGee.

I’d love Kawhi in LA or Philly, I just want a team to end GSW’s dominance, but realistically it won’t happen anytime soon.


Boogie will sign a big deal in 12 months & hopefully Klay chases money and walks as a free agent in 12 months.


Draymond is up for a contract too.


Depending on what Durant does they might extend Cousins. Thompson is going to say.


This is the same NBA that vetoed the CP3 trade right?


No, not really. David Stern was the boss still than. At the time the NBA owned New Orleans. Which makes this all different.


Yeah well if Durant goes the problem is solved anyways, they then become beatable.


They become more beatable by the day tbh. They already have made 4 Finals trip and the 18/19 season will be the 5th in a row. That will not continue.


It’s all about the NBA summer League, looks like Warriors and Blazers will have do share the spoils of success in 2018 :fire:


The spurs trade Kawhi to Toronto :joy::joy::joy:


Wow, just wow…

I’d love to see him in Philly, but I don’t trust that he’d resign in free agency.


I heard Toronto is a pretty bad player destination. High taxes, cold weather and distance etc

Smart move by Spurs to offload him on a rental


Smart move on their part for sure.

Although I love Toronto, as a city. If I ever moved back to North American, I’d much prefer Canada than the US.


All I care about is him coming to the Lakers once he’s a free agent, so sounds good to me lol.


Toronto got nothing to lose either with this trade. A rebuild was imminent anyway. This core has reached it’s ceiling, they got rid of a big three year contract without losing a lot of draft picks and got the better player even if it’s for one year.


Out of curiosity why do you find it funny ? It seems spurs did as well as they could do for a want away player that had 1 year to run… also credit to Toronto for pulling the trigger in a week east this season, they now actually have a chance of making the conference finals.


Because the Lakers could have given them a better package.


Apparently the Lakers were being stingy from all reports knowing they could get him for free in 12 months… Don’t know if that’s smart by them though as they are wasting a year and LeBron is turning 34 in December.