The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


I think Lebron should move close to his nike base, would be a good fit in Portland as we lack a Small forward.


Heard rumors of Mcollum being traded and Lillard looking to leave. So i dunno dawg.


I can’t see Dame leaving just yet to be honest, both are contracted long term so we are calling the shots at the moment.


All this talk about Houston and if they should gut their team. Off course they should, we are talking about LeBron fucking James here. In the conference finals D’Antoni only used seven players. He is already of the opinion that half of the roster is pretty much useless. Houston needs to go all in anyway and the best way to do that is to get LBJ. A trident of Paul, Harden and James; you will find enough spare parts to put around that.


Paul has been on the record saying he is absolutley not going to take less money, which is what would need to happen even after gutting the team. He might change his mind if shit hits the fan but it’s almost impossible for Houston to pull it off.

The momentum is starting to pick up with Lebron joining the Lakers. Lebrons comments about doing what’s best for his family (who live in LA and his Son has been enrolled in an LA high school), the Lakers are in the best position in the league to help form a super team. They’ve got room for two max spots and a ton of assets to trade for a 3rd star if they so choose. I don’t really want Lebron here but it makes the most sense. Plus if he were to win a chip with LA he’d be the first in history to win a title leading 3 different teams. Would be big for his legacy, which he cares a lot about.


Nah. The Lakers are Kobe’s team. Or at least Kobe was there too recently. It’s just weird too imagine LeBron James in Lakers colours. I’m not sure about a Ball, Ingram, George and James core against Golden State or Boston.


I think the NBA would be into it as it would make the Lakers relevant again when they have been pure garbage for the best part of 5 seasons.


More smoke. They are saying LeBron, Chris Paul, and Paul George :open_mouth:


That Trio vs the Warriors would be interesting.


With Ball traded?:eyes:


Yeah they’d probably have to package him in a deal to get a third max player. I don’t really like it because Chris Paul is getting old and he’s always injured every season.


If it’s true that Leonard wants to go to LA chances of LBJ going too are a lot higher…


Yeah massively, that would be some sort of duo.


Lololol. We’d bd able to sign both PG13 and Bron as free agents and then trade for kawhi. Dayumm that would be amazing not only for us Laker fans but the entire NBA. You’d see the Lakers vs GSW in the western finals and then…LAKERS VS CELTICS IN THE NBA FINALS! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Anyways I’m almost certain Kawhi and his camp are using us as a bargaining chip. Maybe he does want out of San Antonio, but there’s no way in hell RC Bufford and Pop would let him go to the Lakers. We’d probably have to give up Ingram and Kuzma to make it happen.


hope it happens man. Would love LeBron to get his 4th ring.


You’d be crazy not to give up Ingram & Kuzma for Kawhi, both quality young players but healthy Kawhi is top 5 in the league pretty much.


Interesting draft. Phoenix and Sacramento pretty much got their core/one-two punch. Especially Sacramento will not be a title contender but it will be interesting to see if Fox/Bagley III can go to the play-offs consistently in 3/4 years.

It’s written everywhere the new Atlanta GM is trying to build a Golden State-light in Georgia. That seems a very naive rebuilding strategy.

Michael Porter Jr fell to #14 and will join Jokic and Murray. That’s a big three of all offense…if he gets healthy first of all.


Simmons ROTY & Harden MVP, both those outcomes pretty expected.


The decision, the remake :giroud3:


Wise choice, the King has done all he can for Cleveland and he did bring that elusive championship to the city.