The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


It’s impossible for them not too pay the tax, but I think Morey is going to do everything to keep Capela, Paul and Harden together. Unless Capela really gets a huge contract. Maybe they take less money.


I’m over the playoffs. Much more interested what will happen this off-season.


I would love to see LeBron get another ring, but this looks to be impossible, the other players must step it up big time, Warriors in 5.


Would love to see LeBron get another ring too.

He deserves it man, his finals record is an unfair stick to beat him with.

For me he has far surpassed Kobe Bryant in the all time pantheon at least.


His finals record is and isn’t. He’s played in the weak east his whole career. Had he been in the west he’s not getting to so many finals.


Much prefer Kobe, not nearly as fat and meatheady looking.


Why does this keep getting held against him? What can he do about the fact that Derrick Rose got injured or that franchises in the East have been incompetent?


LeBron in reality is still the best player in the world regardless of Harden winning the MVP ( which will happen ) how long has LBJ been at this sort of level ? It’s just insane.


I hate that people beat LeBron with the number of championships won. He’s far better than Kobe, imo. What he’s done for Cleveland is phenomenal. How he’s won his championships is a testament to just how good he is. He makes an average team great!

I hope he wins. Not sure he will, but many wrote Cleveland off this season, and he’s in the final. But yeah, the supporting cast needs to at the top of their game every game. But I’m not staying up for the games or recording them. I’ll just catch the highlights.


No Chance Cleveland win this series, but yeah I agree LBJ is the superior player when compared to Kobe.


There are also so many other factors. The coach for example. Is it coincedence Bryant and Jordan won all their Championships under the tutelage of one guy? I don’t think it is.


LeBron 51-8-8 on 32 shots :joy:. Cavs pretty much got robbed by a few calls in that last quarter. JR Smith was an idiot running down the clock with scores level.


JR Smith :facepalm: what a fool.


Jr :arteta: what a guy man, he is exactly what the memes show him as.


That was some game from LeBron, holy shit. Watched this guy for years produce masterpieces in the playoffs but that was a whole new level of ridiculous.


Don’t be so harsh on JR, he thought they were ahead :rofl:


Not the first time he got the score wrong. That should’ve been a LeBron win.

Can’t wait to see where he plays next season. Bet he makes us wait. Just don’t know where he can go. Will he really want to head to the West where he has far more competition to get to the finals. Although the Sixers and Boston should be in with a chance to get there next season. I’m torn on him to Philly. It looks a juicy choice for him, but long term will it hurt the Sixers? They already have such a personality in Emiid who will be one of the top players. Simmons needs the ball. But he’d add so much and surely his history with Kyrie would help to put the Philly-Boston rivalry back on the map.


I don’t have much info on the Cavs contract situation, or if they can trade players in and get rid of their inconsistant players… they still have Brooklyn’s first round pick, but i’d much prefer LBJ stay with them and add some quality to their roster.


Completely agree. I would love to see him stay in Cleveland and finish his career there. I just don’t know if her will, and it doesn’t sound like anyone close to being ITK has a clue.


Chef Curry cooking with the sauce last night, He’s going to get finals MVP at this rate.