The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Don’t care still the best comeback I’ve seen, winning 3 straight vs a 73 win team, including 2 at Oracle against a team that had a 39-2 record.,


Great bounce back game by the Rockets.


+30 for the Cavs in game 3, Lebron with some incredible passes, and JR Smith finally decided to contribute.


I think Cleveland can win every game in Ohio, not sure if they can pinch one in Boston though.


Cavs restore parity at 2-2, after another huge game from the King.


I said a while ago in this thread that Golden State will win 4 in a row, I’m standing by that. The 4 all stars are still well in thier prime for at least 2 more seasons.


Maybe I jinxed Golden State, think they went 3-18 in the 4th :eyes:. Rockets come from 12 down to win 95-92 series now 2-2.


James Harden is disgusting. I’m fully behind the Rockets in this series.


That doesn’t really make sense, if he’s disgusting wouldn’t you be behind the Warriors ?


Celtics win Game 5 easily, amazing how dominant the home team has been in this series.


Rockets win 98-94 in game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead, but it seems Chris Paul has hurt his hamstring in the final minute.


Fucking fuck, Rockets bout to knock these cunts off and they are thrown a lifeline ffs :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


They must rest him in Game 6 and pray that he can be fit for the finale.


I think Iguodala being out for GSW is a bigger problem than anyone is talking about.


LeBron James 7 40 + games this post season :joy:


Would really like to see a different final this year. But I never count out LeBron, even in Boston and with all the minutes he played. As for the Rockets, I sure hope they can manage with out Chris Paul.

When was the last time both went to a game 7? I think GSW will win at home.


I legit can’t remember the last time both conference finals went 7 games… I remember Miami beat Boston in 7 in 2012 & OKC beat Spurs in 6.


LeBron James is ridiculous.


K. Love out for game 7 apparently, the King has got to drop 50 with a triple double and make sure JR smith is on the bench smoking his weed or even staying in Cleveland.


Going to be funny to see how many games Cleveland win next year when Bron leaves.