The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Cyborg LeBron extending Tyronn Lue’s stay with the Cavs, and OKC palying their best quarter when Melo went to the bench, smh.


Nobody from the east will do anything in the finals. Expect nothing more than a 5 game series regardless.


I know. But Philadelphia in the Finals adds some excitement and a new narrative for the future.


Well that’s it for the Thunder. I actually really like Russ but it’s better for my personal preference for them to lose early and in embarrassing fashion just like they did. Paul George LA bound now :grin:🖒

The Thunder need a coaching change. Billy Donovan doesn’t have them playing any type of offense whatsoever. It’s basically just give it to Russ and get out of the way.


^ That’s the offense on any team Westbrook’s on.


The Cavs advance to the conf semis, monster performance from the King as usual 45 pts,Tristan Thompson had a good game too.


Don’t know if the Brilliance of the King will be enough to get past Toronto, we shall see.


It shouldn’t be. But it’s very likely it’s going to be.


Cavs steal game 1 in Toronto in OT after the Raptors led all night. Korver / JR Smith went 10/18 from down town.


Big time win for the Jazz in Houston, Jingles with 7 long range bombs from down town.


The Phoenix Suns hire the first-European born head coach in Igor Kokoshov. Right now assistant at the Utah Jazz and winner of Eurobasket with Slovenia last summer. Wonder if this also means they are after Luka Doncic…


I don’t understand why the Raptors choke so hard against Bron.

Is the mental fear that much of a block? Or is there more to it?


Yeah I think there must be like a psychological thing to it as well but tbh DeRozan and Lowry are B+ players at best. They have a great bench and good coach but honestly they are just not that good of a team. To win it all you need a couple A players at least. They get a high seed in the East, but in the West they’d be like a 6 or 7 seed.


LBJ what a god :heart_eyes:


The man, LBJ killing the Raptors with those smooth fadeaways in the 4th quarter,what a show.



what a finish to game 3. Celtics are amazing to watch


Great entertainment for the nba casual


Toronto must retire LeBron’s jersey once he quits the game, He owns that team.


A year later and still relevant


Funny I tipped Philly and Toronto going into these 2 series, shocked both are 3-0 down.