The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Meh we can judge that matchup in about 3 years when Lonzo is physically ready for the league. Right now Simmons is much larger and has an NBA ready body, Lonzo is still very mich a kid. A kid setting records, but still a kid.


Okc crushed gsw tonight. As much as i was hoping Westbrook would have come home to LA i respect the loyalty of him signing on long term with okc. Almost hope that okc would beat gsw this year for the title. Probably won’t happen but that beat down was enjoyable to watch. Especially watching Westbrook destroy them and talk shit to Durant the whole time lol.


OKC are 8-9, they may have some talent but no way known they are beating a healthy GSW in a best of 7.


It’s early. By the end of the year I think OKC will be the 2nd best team in the east. Houston is gimmicky offense no defense. Russ is legit the best player besides Durant on either team. I give Durant the edge because he can shoot. Curry doesn’t wanna see Russ in the playoffs because Russ runs him ragged.


You must be at a loss to explain how Golden State beat OKC in 7 when Durant played on the same side as Westbrook.


Actually Durant kinda choked it away, that and Klay Thompson got really really extremely hot and saved the warriors bacon in that series big time. The warriors roster was sooo soo much better though in that series. Okc shouldn’t have even been that close but they had nobody else contributing besides Hurculean efforts of Russ.


So much better ? I’d say the roster now with Durant is better, also how can you say OKC shouldn’t have got close ? They had 2 of the best 5 players in the league.


Because you still need roleplayers. All the major teams need someone to actually hit an open shot when the superstars are getting doubled. Okc didn’t have one dood that could hit an open shot that series. GSW was just leaving ppl open and they couldn’t hit anything. Gsw had a lot of good bench players that could actually come up big.


They still have Iggy, Livingston etc so I’m not sure what you are on about. OKC also had a suppprt cast of Ibaka, Kanter and Adams so that’s some decent bigs, surely Dion Waiters can hit open looks ? He’s doing ok for Miami as a starter.


Yeah they had and still have a very deep team. Adams and Kanter and all those guys who were on OKC were just meh never came up big in a big spot. They had some real dead wood on their roster in that series if you look back on it.


I thought the Golden state win might kick start something for OKC, but since they lost to the Pistons at home & today and Lowly Dallas, which now leaves them 8-11.


PG and Lebron incoming for the Lakers next year, confirmed.


Milwaukee at .500 still underperforming too. Giannis with 27, 13 and 5 in the loss against Utah. I don’t think this is exactly Anthony Davis in New Orleans (before Boogie), but it seems Kidd isn’t the right coach for this team or a good coach for that matter.


The Cavs have now won 9 straight games going from 5-7 to 14-7, the king averaging 28/8/8 in his 15th season in the league, what an absolute phenomenon.


Embiid really will be a special player if his body holds up.


Portland trailblazers 14 wins In a row despite no Lillard against the Lakers ( that’s a streak vs the Lakers not overall )

On a surprising note the Rockets have dropped back to back home games vs the Lakers & Clippers.


James Harden MVP. I really hope the Rockets will beat Golden State next year. I reckon next year they will have their best opportunity to do so.



Simmons has had his worst patch of the season last 13 games and still has similar stats to Ball in that period. @Arsenal4thetreble what are your thoughts on the Lakers coaching situation ?


Luke is where he needs to be imo. We don’t have the team to compete, the prior regime put us in a terrible hole that Magic and Polenka have to dig us oit of now. However a good indicator is that Luke has us playing defense. We were last in defensive efficiency last season, and we are like 12th so far this season, and one of the best at defending the 3 ball too. Luke wants to spread the floor and shoot 3s like GSW but we are a terrible 3 point shooting team so it’s not on him imo, we gotta give him something to work with.

If we don’t make the playoffs next year, which I think we will, they will let Luke go. We will get Paul George in the summer and Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram will all be older and better players. We have a shot at LeBron too if the Cavs keep playing this bad.