The Official Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


Or how he pretty much was Pistons’ finals MVP.


Lol in that celtics game he still had a shitload of points because they couldn’t stop him going to the rim and all they could do was hack him the whole time lol you should go watch that game again. He played some lock down D and pulled down about 15 rebounds as well. See that’s the difference between a guy like Kobe and Lebron. Kobe will make shit happen when it counts, Lebron shrinks when it’s really time to shine. It’s not something tangible, Jordan had it too.

For the record Lebron imo is one of the best ever but it’s more because of his physical nature. He’s a freak and head and shoulderd stronger, faster, bigger, than anyone else. He’s not anywhere as skilled as Kobe or Jordan was though.


I’m just going to assume it’s your Lakers bias if you think Kobe is going to go down as a better player than LeBron. Because believe me outside of Lakers fans it’s about 95 % LeBron.


If you are looking at stats alone then yeah Lebron will end up having better stats than Kobe. Of course if that’s your criteria nobody is coming close to Kareem who has 6 titles, won the MVP 6 times and has scored more points than anyone in the history of the NBA. Lebron had to stack his team not once but twice in order to win any chips, and even then he’s going to struggle to win more than 3 rings.

This was a poll espn did at the start of this season, right after Lebron just won his last ring. Lots of votes there…Kobe still comes out on top. Not to be THAT guy, but people who watch a lot of basketball know that Kobe was one of the most skilled basketball players to ever walk this planet coupled with his “im going to kill you or die trying on this court to win” attitude really does seperate him from Lebron. @Aussiegooner


In regards to this Cleveland team being stacked, how many playoff games have Love and Irving played without LeBron ? Also LeBron did win an Eastern Conference as a 22 year old with Mo Williams as his 2nd option :eyes:


Out of interest what’s the head to head record in games LBJ and Kobe have played against each other ??


The eastern conference has been garbage for a long time and it still is tbh. Teams making it into the playoffs from the eastern conference many times have failed to even win half of their games. Now with Lebron forming his super team and KD and GSW responding with their own super team the NBA is as top heavy as I’ve ever seen it. Both conferences are terrible atm. I don’t really see the accomplishments of either of these teams in the last 2 seasons as being anything historically significant.


I wouldn’t call this Cleveland team a " super team" take LBJ out and I think my Blazers would beat em over 7 games.


I have no clue, but if they had ever met in the playoffs I think that argument would have weight because that’s when the games mean the most. Of course 2012 the Cavs and Lakers were on a crash course to meet up in the finals but Lebrons Cavs lost to the Magic and Kobe’s Lakers cruised to the title in 5 games.


Yeah that was 2010 but I hear you. Though Kobe had much more support with that 2010 Lakers than what LBJ had with the Cavs ( Gasol & Bynum clearly better than anything Cleveland had )


Well the Cavs are a team basically built by Lebron. He asked for the Cavs to trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love as a stipulation before he would return to Cleveland. He also pushed for Tristan Thompson and JR Smith to be on the big albatross contracts they are on, so if anyone is to blame it’s Lebron himself.


Yeah I’m not debating that, I think LBJ fucked a bit with his support cast given the money they pay ( Irving aside)


Well he really should have stepped out of it and let the basketball people do their thing and build a cohesive team. He’s fucked himself now and he’ll probably run again to find a better team. He can opt out of his contract soon.

Lebron for me is just a physical specimen, honestly Kobe had 10 times the skill Lebron does. You can’t take it away from Lebron though most times it’s like a man playing against boys, he even physically dominates KD who’s the second best player on the planet. Still that little part about just winning eludes him. Like I said for me that’s why Jordan and Kobe will be remembered as better when the dust settles. Right now it’s a prisoner of the moment situation.


I feel like people put too much emphasizes on the winning records in the finals without giving any thought to circumstances. Jordan and Bryant for example had coaches who won 6 and 5 championships with different teams. Magic Johnson played his whole career with the greatest center ever and vice versa and a hall of fame coach (Pat Riley). Are Spoelstra and Lue hall of fame coaches? In that period of time talent wasn’t as spread out either because there were lesser teams; 22/23 in the 80s. Not too say he doesn’t have any responsibility, but still.


This is a super team. Three all-stars/all-nba team players together is a super team. If Golden State didn’t emerge this team would have won two Championships easy. But nobody forsaw this happening. Furthermore for some reason LeBron’ teams always seem to lack an elite rim protector. Without that anchor for their defense, Miami and Cleveland both had and have some weaknesses imo.


At least the Warriors didn’t sweep the whole post season, another NBA finals triple double for the King.


Warriors to good with their stacked team of 2 players in the leagues top 5 and 4 in the top 20 winning the series 4-1. James first man ever to average a finals series triple double, a 30 + point triple double also on above 50% shooting.


This super team was too much to handle, can’t see who can stop them in the coming seasons.


Yeah its hard to imagine anyone stopping them, hopefully Paul George can get to Cleveland that’s probably the best chance.


Agreed, but if they want to trade for PG, they’d have to free up some space and money, they already have the highest luxury tax bill.