The NFL Thread


Go easy. I was MM this time last year


T-down patties, we got ourselves a 15-12 game


I’m bored.


Crocodile dundee movie was real ffs, now I feel the urge to visit Australia


What a run


The Philly players must be covered in grease. No pat can tackle the run game ffs

What a play!


I feel u, too much stop start. However it’s been a good game for football fans lol, what a trick play that was!!


Heh dirty trick play.


Here’s where the Pats will regroup. They’ll see what the Eagles were doing on offense and adjust the defense to stop them. Hope I’m wrong, would be nice to see the Eagles win their first Super Bowl.


Justin Timberlake in 2018? Yikes


How can Pepsi use Michael Jackson in their ads ffs :joy:


Pepsi and bad ads go hand in hand


Nvm, this is good.


It’s old enough that is nostalgic.



Oh thank fuck it’s over


What a beautiful man, sigh



First the album and now this performance, 2018 is just handing out L’s to JT.


Not a fan of JT, but I thoroughly enjoyed that.