The NFL Thread


KO is a 23.30 GMT

You backing anyone in particular?


what is that avatar sev?


Don’t know the exact name but it’s a still from this:

Will go back to a football one sooner rather than later.


Looks creepy as fuck tbh


yeah it scared me lol

like some deep web hacker persona


No way the Eagles pull it off. Would love it to happen, but a backup QB simply does not beat Bellicheat and Brady.



Pats defence getting worked already
Pats defence :man_facepalming:
Brady looking razor sharp
FG miss!!!
Cooks takes a hard one. Possible concussion


They are coached too well. They will make adjustment in the second half and shut the Eagles down. Eagles better get as big a lead as they can now.


This is great


American football is fun, I wish I had the remotest idea what’s going on :smile:


Lol u guys all up watching this??


Touchdown EAGLES


Knew the defence would let Brady down.


Why do New England (apparently) go so far behind in the first couple of quarters, yet always come back later in the game? :thinking:


Because their opposition has come up with a good gameplan, when you have a couple weeks to prepare you can usually find cracks in what any team does. It will take them a couple quarters to figure it out, but the Patriots coaching staff, Bill Bellicheat specifically, is amazing at adjusting on the fly. Maybe the best ever. So they will change up their gameplan and the Eagles won’t be ready for the counter punch.


Yeah it makes my shift go faster


What does the ‘4’ stand for in ‘3rd & 4’ for example?


^^ Lol check out this n00b :smile:


Distance to the first down line


Lol joking??

4 would be the yards they need to make to reset the downs.