The Mighty Arsenal vs Sheik Mansour's Plaything



Three at the back and starting Giroud, didn’t expect that :confused:


@AbouCuellar :wink:


God this is gonna be awful


Expect Ox and Monreal to get caught too high up the pitch, Sane and Sterling to get in behind then drawing the centre backs out to cover the gaps exposing us in the centre.

Not feeling great too good about this but hopefully I’m wrong and the team are focused and committed enough to make the system work.


It’s the case of trying to protect our defence a bit more in this moment of the season. It can work or not, but we couldn’t go on with the old system.


No problem, you still have Ajax to watch, right? :wink:


Meh. Feyenoord already 2-0 up. They are nearly Champions.


Ahahaha! Lucky with your teams :poldi:


MDC Open



I thought he’d learn something from the last game and then tweak it. Either stick in Coquelin or Elneny to stay back and cover for the wing backs or put in more defensive wing backs and basically set up in a 5 and leave no space anywhere and try and get Xhaka or Ozil to set Alexis or Ox running on the break. You can’t really counter much with Giroud up top unless he drifts deep and Alexis stays up (a bit like he was doing with Griezmann in the Euros).





Can we just take a second to discuss how brilliant Ox was?



Mental strength, cohesion, hard work. We had it all. Wenger a proud man. Fuck me what a nervewrecking game. We OWN Wembley. Bring on Chelski.

YESS!!! Huge.


Called it :sunglasses:


@Leper :wink:


@leper, what were the odds on that score :campbell:


We won. Oh no.


No, fantastic to be fair, I didn’t think we had it in us. Has the potential to be a real game-changing moment for this team. We needed something like this to turn the corner after the last few months. This could be that.

Unrelated to the likelihood. :smiley: