The March 7th protest

I wont be going but if you feel the need to,have a read

I don’t think there’s a need to protest as we’re not in a dire state. Wenger doesn’t deserve to be sacked. It’s just stale and stagnant but I think when people do things like this then perhaps they have ultra high expectations. I want Wenger replaced because I think we need a new and fresh approach but I don’t want to hound the man out. No matter what, he’s a club legend and deserves to go out with a bit more dignity than to be hounded out by supporters.


Could very much depend on the Liverpool result as to turnout.

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There will always be people with agendas, yes we are all pissed off but a march will have very little effect on those that run the club, the only people to gain out of this will be the internet attention seekers…You know who they are… Then again humiliation at Liverpool will only fuel the disent…


There will only be a few thousand beer drenched Germans around to see them ,everyone else will be down the pub except the Arsenal Tourists who will be in the ground !

It’s a lose lose lose scenario !

Thing I hate most is the darlings of the media taking the high moral ground on this.
Thus starts the defence of Wenger campaign. Wenger will very cleverly stay quiet and let the self righteous convince the board why he should be given a new contract.

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Its all part of the Never ending cycle that we’ve become accustomed to…

Definitely a need for this. Wenger should not be sacked but he should be aware that him signing a new contract is unacceptable after this season, even if we win the Fa Cup.

How many protest like this have we had in the past? Have the club always cared about us calling for a change? It’s only up to Wenger to decide.

its a tricky one. Him signing a new deal would be akin to a spit in the face.

However he deserves respect and he absolutely doesn’t deserve to be ill treated in anyway.

As long as the protest is tasteful i.e. ‘thanks for the memories but its time to say goodbye’ and not ‘fuck you wenger you suck’ then im all for it i guess.

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I only think protests in football are valid when there has been gross mismanagement from the board/ownership that results in the detriment of the club as a whole. The situation at Arsenal just doesn’t compare to what’s going on at places Charlton, Coventry, Blackburn and Blackpool.

You can voice your dissatisfaction at the match and afterwards but I’m against marching against the manager because results on the pitch. Hope Wenger walks at the end of the season, whether he does or doesn’t will have will be a massive indicator of what type of person he is but Wenger deserves alot better than a marching protest and A4


“Plenty have suggested doing nothing. What does that achieve? Wenger cannot manage forever. He will have to leave at some point, you do all realise that don’t you?”

Patronising twat! Not wanting to protest does not mean we all believe Wenger will be here forever or that we want him to stay! We all know that Wenger will leave sooner rather than later. If not now then in 2 years. Hounding him out does not sit well with me, even though the article says it’ll be a “peaceful protest” - so what’s that? A few mates walking down the street holding those flimsy bits of paper? Score!

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Been a few but none have actually been aimed at Wenger

Wenger won’t sign a new contract. I think he deserves more credit than we give him. It’s worth noting the last deal he signed was after the FA Cup win and he deserved the chance to work us through this period after standing by us during the financial restraint years.

If he signs this deal this will be the first real example of him not actually deserving an extension.


I disagree and think he didn’t deserve the previous extension.

Anyway, re: the protest, there have been a few of these already and the message is also far from distinct, with a Wenger protest becoming mixed in with an ownership protest and general ‘anti state of football’ protest. What you need first off is a more distinct message, a unified voice.

For me though, they still don’t work and that blogger is just convincing himself otherwise, repeating things he’s probably been saying for years.

Protest against Wenger? not much use, the media spotlight is now well and truly turned on Wenger and his relationship with the Arsenal fans, it’s not like another protest will add any extra. And there is no capability of supporters EVER ‘hounding out’ the manager.

Protest against the Club? this is the one that’s more creditable in the long run, but also destined to fail because of the almost unique position Arsenal finds itself in. The guy on the blog sums it up neatly: come the day of the Munchen Bayern home game, all ST seats put up on Ticket Ex will have been snapped up, and the only empty seats you will see will be those ST owners willing to take a hit on the money and stay away. The club is well and truly buffered from anything a fan wants to do to ‘hit the Club in the pocket’. Those days are just gone.

So I’m not one to join in these protests, but it’s not through apathy.


Pretty sure it will go about as well as their protest last year

What the 20s plenty one for away fans? Got results i believe…

20s Plenty was onto a winner because it attracted nationwide support across all clubs and the media, it was always going to emerge with a positive result.

For me, as a (now only occasional) matchgoing fan perspective, 20s Plenty is probably the best thing that’s happened to football in a decade, actually one of the only positive things that bucks the overall decline in the game of football.

No their protest in the stadium last season when about 300 people had their little a4 signs and everyone else sung “theirs only one Arsene Wenger”

I doubt most were singing that as an anti protest mind. I mean if someone starts that chant the natural response is to join in. If you weren’t watching on Tele or stood beside a lad with a sign I’d imagine you knew nothing about the protest.

Which is kind of your point too of course so not disputing on that.