The League Cup

Cya Birmingham I’ll never forgive you for the 2011 final or for breaking Eduardo’s leg.

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Ugh. We drew Leicester away

Meh if we get knocked out we get knocked out don’t really care for this cup this season.


Agreed I’m not too fussed with this cup for the coming season, it will be such a condensed schedule so giving our youth a run-out is fine by me.

Perfect year to win it tbh.

Always fun when a penalty shootout reaches the goalkeepers

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I know some of our fans won’t want us to take it serious. I think putting out a good enough side for that Leicester game is important. I think taking it serious enough is a must, we’re not a team right now that can say we’ll get top 4 so we shouldn’t be turning our noses up on a Cup. Winning a League Cup for the first time since 1993 would be great. For me Arteta should put out a good side in that game.

Cedric saliba holding Kos

Willock Eleney

Nelson ozil saka


Should be good enough to see us through just injuries stopping us from putting out a stronger side.

It gives me great pleasure too inform everyone that Leeds United are out. Lost at home too Hull City on penalties.
This leaves them after 2 defeats this season down to the FA cup and fighting relegation. :rofl::rofl:


Just looked at the line up. Leeds made 11 changes. Bielsa got the result he wanted.

They just can’t play against teams on any stretch of the M62

Proving he has no depth. All good.

Lol I admire your commitment to the cause

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Hey, come on, man…

…that overturned bucket he sits on looks pretty deep

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They’re doing the draw for the round after the next round in a bit


I am a fan of how they place the same importance on the draws for this competition that the major clubs do on playing in it.

Liverpool away if we beat Leicester. Joy.

They completely fucked the draw. Everton were drawn out first. Then it cut off. Then they came back, started again and Liverpool/Lincoln were drawn first :woman_shrugging:

No wonder people think of this as a trash competition.

Hahaha forget this competition then, Leicester and Liverpool away just to reach the quarter finals.