The League Cup

Chelsea and Liverpool to play tonight.
When is the third round draw going to take place?

Usually after all the games have been played. So tomorrow. Sky Sports will have it LIVE

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Can you put some love into making the opening post read worthy and also change the thread name to something that you don’t have to google to know what competition it is lol :slight_smile:

Changed the thread title. Agreed with @PPB, they can rebrand it whatever the heck they like, it’s still the League Cup end of the day.

@Mysty this isn’t a sponsor name lol. It’s called the EFL Cup now not the league cup!. They’ve done away with the “football league” and renamed it the EFL.

The EFL Cup, or simply the League Cup, is an annual knockout association football competition in men’s domestic English football.

“League Cup” or “English Football League Cup”. Same thing really.

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:see_no_evil: My bad lol. Personally I’ve never heard anyone call it the league cup since the rebrand that’s why I said it

It’s not the official name it’s just people get stuck in their ways. :smiley: Often times I still see people call the PL the “Premiership”. Which in my humble view is a better name…“Premiership”.

Don’t back up too far now, will ya @Calum :ramsey:


Batshuayi scores again. @Burgundy
A brace for him!
Crystal Palace, Liverpool (Origi e Firmino), Chelsea (Batshuayi x2 and Moses), Everton, Swansea and are up Stoke, while Watford, Hull and WBA draw.
Palace, Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Stoke, Swansea and Hull are through, while Watford and WBA go to ET.
WBA and Watford are out!

Northampton knocked out West Brom on penalties! Well done you Cobblers :smiley:


I still call this thing the Carling Cup or League Cup because those have the nice rings to them.

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And for that cunt Pulis :smiley:
Meanwhile, there were 29 penalties in Derby-Carlisle!

The third round draw is happening right after the Accrington - Burnley game is over

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Burnley and Boro are out!
We got Nottingham away!

The other games:

West Ham-Accrington
Southampton-Crystal Palace
Swansea City-Manchester City
Fulham-Bristol City
Everton-Norwich City
Derby County-Liverpool
Northampton Town-Manchester United
Newcastle United-Wolverhampton
Stoke City-Hull City
Leicester City-Chelsea

Oh my days, Northampton got Man Utd at home :rosicky:


Dont mind that as at least its someone different, I cant remember the last time we played Nottingham Forest.

@Aussiegooner Arsenal just tweeted the date! A bit of a while ago…

We’ll lose that. Can see it being quite a similar affair to the Sheffield Wednesday match. Poor performance and a heavy defeat, especially as Forest will be up for it.

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