The Injury List Thread


Our physio room news. Who’s injured? When will he come back?


Ah the good old injury list thread. We’ll be needing this a lot :gunnersaurus:


May as well add all the Euro 2016 players missing + Sanchez


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Yes, its always a list, and a waiting list for us.


It’ll not be long until you pin it :welbeck:


[quote=“Cannon, post:6, topic:426”]
It’ll not be long until you pin it :welbeck:
[/quote]Tbh, I thought about doing that from the start :arteta: But it’ll probably stay near the top anyways.

Depressing thought.


Not sure whether to laugh or cry that Arsenal has tried to address this with new physio’s, etc and yet, they will still have seemingly more injuries and for a longer duration than other teams.

What the hell is Arsene doing to those guys in practice?:cech:


Iwobi and Ramsey add to injury list

In the despair at yesterday’s 4-3 defeat to Liverpool, it’s been somewhat overlooked that Arsenal have lost another couple of players to injury.

Although the list of casualties is nowhere near as long as it has been in the past, losing two players so early in the season is far from ideal.

The Welsh international suffered a hamstring strain after about an hour and is due to have a scan today to determine how serious it is. Speaking after the game, Arsene Wenger put it down to rushing Ramsey
back from his international exertions in the summer.

“You are in a Catch-22 situation with the Euros,” he said. “Do you give the players a rest and start the season without many of your players? Or do they play in this kind of game and get injured, like Ramsey today?”

Meanwhile Iwobi picked up a thigh injury which looks set to keep him sidelined for some weeks. His replacement on left, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, came on and scored a goal, and could be the man to
start away at Leicester on Saturday.

- Arseblog


Arsène Wenger has revealed the latest team updates ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash against Leicester City:

on Ramsey and Iwobi…

Both of them have minor muscular problems. I think they will be out until after the international break but we feared worse - for Iwobi especially. It is a thigh problem for Iwobi, and Ramsey is a hamstring that will require two or three weeks. It is better news than we feared at the start.

on Gabriel…

He is doing well, but it is six to eight weeks. He is in the boot, but it is very difficult to assess him because he cannot walk properly at the moment.

on whether Ozil, Giroud and Koscielny will be available…

I will consider them for selection this weekend. Of course they have not played any games for a while, so I have to be selective and I cannot go for the three because that would be too risky. But basically with Laurent Koscielny I have no choice! If I have to take a gamble on one, it’s certainly on him.


At least Kos and Oz are back.


Welbeck anyone?
A huge upgrade on Theo@£140kp/w I’m a striker, I’m a winger.
Puts in a shift too. Unlike perfect Theo


Yeah cant wait for Welbeck’s return although he takes the place of Chamberlain not Walcott for me.

 Walcott Özil Welbeck




I can’t be having that, “everyone fears us now” waster, Theo.
Ox ain’t great, but he tries harder than that headless chook.


Will take a long while for the forgotten man Welbeck to get up to speed, although Wenger clearly rated him pre-injury.

Could be that Oxlade-Chamberlain needs to capitalise on these minutes he’s getting at the moment before he’s crowded out further by the return of Welbeck.