The Hip-Hop Thread

It’s what did Diddy do and Who did Diddy do?!

Loving Kendrick dropping diss after diss on Drake. Starting to wonder if he’s got enough material here for a diss album :joy:

J Cole must be feeling like one of those people who missed their flight on 9/11 lol


This whole thing has moved so fast I can’t even keep up anymore!

I just hope in a year or two we get a big wrap up documentary or podcast about it!

I’m glad I’ve never listened to anything Drake has ever made. Get rekt.

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Kenny made a diss track for the club :fire:

“Tryna strike a chord and it’s probably A minorrrrrr” :skull: :skull: :skull:



Finally something to talk about in us rap

Haven’t kept up with any of the recent stuff. Can’t take these modern rappers seriously when it comes to diss tracks. I grew up on Rocafella vs DBlock, Nas vs Jay-Z etc


We’re probably about the same age then but at least these days there are almost instantaneous 20 minute breakdowns of all the references in the diss tracks. Would have come in handy when we were kids.


Honestly these Kendrick diss tracks are pretty mid lol half of them are just him talking and not really rhyming nicely.

Drake will never be able to win these battles because the general consensus is Drake is a bubblegum wrapper and Kendrick is “real hip hop”.

Personally I’ve preferreed Drake’s tracks so far tbh.


That songs actually quite good tho!

Gonna have to disagree. Very mid, and the Abracadabra sample is pretty bad.

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