The Grand Tour/Top Gear


You never hear me advocate Cocktor again

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I always approve of a good millennial roasting.

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You are a millennial. Never forget that :kissing_heart:


I am willing to add few more years to my birth certificate


There’s a team of marketers in Toyota headquarters who would be in cloud 9

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I watched it months ago and thought it was an odd thing… Didn’t think it’d end up in the show. :smiley:

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Did you also come across David Souffle videos?
Can’t find Richard Hammond’s Ryan Gosling being beaten video

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Na, only James’ video.


A lot of people seem to know Nigel Mansell in (former Soviet) Georgia. :thinking:


Rewatched the Patagonia special yesterday…God that was some good telly.

The feels… :frowning:


Going to Patagonia Chile this October :sunglasses:

Also thinking of doing PENIS287 next year.
What are the rates for Train travel from London to Inverness?


The prices vary[{“age”%3A27}]&to=urn%3Atrainline%3Ageneric%3Aloc%3Ainv8649gb


Ughh I can directly fly to Inverness from here and save the money instead of taking that option then


Might as well take the plane from London to Aberdeen then drive or take bus from there.

Much cheaper and quicker.

Edit: or Inverness, loool had no idea they had an airport there.

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The New Lancias were so so so expensive and yet the old (original) versions were 100% better looking. :sweat_smile:

Last episode of the series next week. :persevere: A special in Mongolia.


Not the case. There’s one more this week.

Genuinely triggered they had to dismantle ‘John’. :papa:

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The Mongolia special has to be one of the best i’ve seen, high quality entertainment, amazing scenery as usual, these guys are promoting visiting some countries better than the tourism office, and Clarkson is hands down the best out there imo.


I am half way in the episode.
I had started to adore them but now I respect them.

I am sure they didn’t do all of it but all the effort to bring us such high quality entertainment…Respect




Seeing Jezza crying like that at the end with his announcement almost had me tearing up. :sweat_smile: