The Get a Room Award 2018


  • JakeyBoy & Trion
  • Luca_from_Italy & Calum
  • Luca_from_Italy & Phoebica
  • Mysty & Discobot
  • SRCJJ & JakeyBoy

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@Calum @JakeyBoy @Luca_from_Italy @Mysty @Phoebica @SRCJJ @Trion

Which of these pairings really ought to Get a room? Vote from these choice of five!



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Haha yes phobica and Luca. When should I expect my invite in the post :wink:


SRCJJ and Jakey should have this in the bag. That thread was really funny too read :joy:.

We’ve had a thing for over a decade, such a beautiful moment taking it offline

@Discobot fortune If we win this award, will you stop trolling me?

:crystal_ball: Yes

Given how the poll is looking already, it knows that’s not gonna happen :arteta:

Your defeat is now guaranteed.:slight_smile:

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Why would we want discobot to stop trolling the heck out of Mysty?

Voting elsewhere.

Luca & Calum is really one sided affair.

Judging by the poll, Luca & Calum are no longer a big thing anymore. Luca moved onto better things :grin:

This was never a thing hah.

I was undecided but Luca’s negging & Pheobica’s teasing should require a room

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I get why people voted me with my old robot frenemy, but I thought we were less of a thing this year compared to 2017, he hasn’t been rinsing me quite as harshly. However it appears we’re just behind the Posh and Becks of the Forum :laughing:

I will forever vote Mysty and Discobot for this award.

I think SRCJJ and Jake are just about far enough ahead for any last minute surprises, thank god :sweat_smile:


Victory for the two mod bros, who pretty much sealed their chances of success after their recent meet up together. Their bromance can only be summed up like this :wenger:

@SRCJJ & @JakeyBoy 15 votes
@Luca_from_Italy & @Phoebica 11 votes
@Mysty & Discobot 7 votes
@Luca_from_Italy & @Calum 5 votes
@JakeyBoy & @Trion 4 votes


First place eludes us once again my robot frenemy. Third time’s the charm next year, right @Discobot fortune ?