The Get a Room Award 2017

  • Calum & Persona
  • AbouCeullar & AbouCuellar
  • Calum & Luca_from_Italy
  • Arsenal4thetreble & Maverick79
  • Trion & AbouCuellar
  • JakeyBoy & Oliver
  • Mysty & Discobot
  • Online Arsenal & Pep Guardiola

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Who should get a room?!
@Calum & @Persona, @AbouCuellar & @AbouCuellar, @Calum & @Luca_from_Italy, @Arsenal4thetreble & @Maverick79, @Trion & @AbouCuellar, @JakeyBoy & @Oliver, @Mysty & @discobot,Online Arsenal & Pep Guardiola


Me and Luca?!

I feel this is a very one sided relationship it should be Luca and Calum’s posts :joy:


Trion and Abou Cuellar are just like Real Madrid and Barca. They win it for me.


I’m not gay. :eyes:

What’s the bottom one supposed to be?


Mysty and discobot :joy::joy::joy: just got that.

Fair fucking play to everyone who nominated it :joy:


Clerical error


No doubt about it - Jakey and Oliver for me.


Same! You can cut the thinly veiled homoerotic hate-fuck sexual tension with a butter knife


Its not an award I want to win, let me be clear, so can I vote for us?! :joy:


JB and Oliver without a shadow. Sometimes hard to read cringeworthy stuff haha.


Jakey and Oliver can’t win this because they’d be mates of they met up for beers IRL :joy:

This is honestly the most difficult one, how can you not vote for Cuellar and Cuellar? But Mysty and Discobot is about the funniest shit I’ve seen on OA in a while. And of course the wank fest for Pep around here doesn’t go unnoticed either…decisions decisions.


What was the mysty and discobot thing??


Basically every time mysty asked dicosbot a quiestion discobot fucked him over. :rofl:


Scroll from this post -


Start reading here cristo ^^^ :grin:


Hahaha that’s funny


Get a restraining order award 2017


Snowflake saga :joy:


Should have been Luca and Persona or Luca and Phoebica.


I’d have voted for that. Feel a lot of chemistry there tbh