The General News Thread


Really weird thing is… the guy in that picture, who made enough money from game skins and youtube money to buy a £400,000 (and INSURE!) status symbol, was 18 years old. EIGHTEEN. :expressionless:


You seen the KSI Logan Paul fight hype?

I’m getting too old man, this new generation is weird AF


Yeah it’s absurd.

£7 ppv on YouTube to watch two guys who’ve never boxed a day in their life have a fight… I only heard about it this morning because the bbc were wasting time on it.

They’ve sold 15,000 tickets from £30-150 lol

It’s like the emperors new clothes all over again, these guys are making chumps out of so many people man

It’s kind of ridiculous that we live in a system that rewards people that ultimately don’t really contribute that much productivity to society. Like, an 18 year old earning enough to spend £400k on a car because he designed skins for a video game. What the fuck. I guess this was for fortnight right?


selfish fucker, if you want to commit suicide go fucking hang yourself you cunt, dont go fucking kill innocent people with you, you fucking cuntbag shyster.


absolute cunt.




Another one.


was just about to post this…really getting beyond the joke now with the constant stabbings here and the shootings over there.


I was watching the stream when it happened. Fucking surreal.




You can buys guns and booze in the same shop…

Mad Mad country…:skull_and_crossbones:


comments in this live video hurts my heart.
calling the whole thing false, mocking Mccain’s death and all that


Errr John McCain was an advocate for war in so called Rogue States. He himself a war hero in the perspective of Americans were bombing enemies’ economic targets (civilian infrastructures) when he was caught by the Vietcong and tortured. The same senator who had a hand preventing Obamacare. Medical industry is very profitable over there…

So you can’t blame people who don’t like him.


You can not like someone, and still not mock their death.


Think he made sure new Medical bill was not passed and Obamacare was kept.


Saw the same nasty stuff when Thatcher died


Well that’s simply not true for starters. There have been thriving amateur and white collar levels in the sport for decades and this event just happens to be the most publicised one at that level. White collar boxers train, spar and eventually compete. These guys in particular have the resources to afford solid training camps. In KSI’s case he has had a previous high profile amateur bout with another YouTuber.

But in terms of your wider point, no one ever said there had to be professionals involved to generate money or an audience. The target audience and people involved were, for the most part, not fans of boxing. Freak shows are happening within combat sports at the moment and more will come due to the business opportunity and enjoyment involved for the celebrities taking part.

They’re not exactly stealing viewers away from AJ’s next fight. They’re getting views from people who would never have bought an AJ fight.


They’re nutters. Literally they think everything is false, total paranoid, end of days, illuminati, twats. Its a shame because they do sometimes dig up some really interesting stuff such as #pizzagate, and then they ruin it all by calling every event that ever happens a false flag.


What was interesting about that? Sounded like a load of bollocks to me.


Agreed. But you shouldn’t falsely eulogise them either, by only mentioning the good stuff they did and forgetting the bad, especially if we are talking about extremely problematic people.

@sevchenko talking about Thatcher, there is a reason for the celebration and mocking when she died.

What she did to countless communities still understandably cuts deep, and if they can forgive her, that makes them saints.

But surely you can understand why some don’t want to.

Of course be nice and civil, especially at their funeral or whatever, but public individuals should have all their public achievements (good or bad) mentioned on their death bed.

When Henry Kissinger dies, what the fuck will they say if they can’t say anything bad he did?