The General News Thread


Now I cant, lol. It’s a good idea though, amalgamate all of ITV, Channel 4, BBC in one streaming service.


Well done Imran Khan. Played it perfectly.

Trump :arteta:


Ironically Abhinandhan means Thank you.


Trump is such a cunt what did that fckwit do to help the situation :rofl::rofl: absolute bellend :bell:


cringeworthy nectarine looking cunt.


Leader of the free world, allied with both countries, I mean… I’d be surprised if he/the US gov wasn’t involved in some capacity.


Man I wish I would look like Imran Khan at that age.
Guys a looker.


I have a disproportionate dislike for this outdated, arrogant, propagandist phrase.


Very disturbing failure of his police protection. If someone can get close enough to throw an egg, then someone can get enough enough to throw a knife or grenade.


I’ve never seen him utilize any protection at all. Does he even have police protection?


Not sure tbh but I’d assume the leader of the opposition would have some level of police protection these days?


I saw an interview he was avoiding outside his house a while back and he just walked his bike past the interviewer then cycled away so I’m really not sure he does have any protection.





“Love from Ireland” found stamped on those IEDs.


Suspicious packages found in Glasgow and Edinburgh today too. Wonder if it’s linked…:thinking:


It’s Glasgow. It’s probably a big package of heroin :slight_smile:


Shania Begins baby just died. Very sad, an innocent life had to be lost just so Sajid Javid could suck up to his masters even more.


Hmm, what has Sajid Javid got to do with a baby dying the other side of the world?

Maybe she wasn’t fit to be a mother in the first place.




there is no maybes about it!