The Funny Picture/WTF Thread


First the word soccer now this, stop trying to pin the blame for these words on us English :persevere:


Might be a bit esoteric but this is one of my favourite tweets





Muslim and the Mexican got jokes. :joy:


Just because we used to be retarded doesn’t make it any better that you’re still retarded!!! #weusedtocallitsoccertoobutletsallforgetthatawkwardperiodinourlifebecauseitisdefinitelyfootball








The Scots are a weird people. Fuckin love em though


Happy to do translations on demand ^


I’ve read several Irvine Welsh novels so I reckon I could give it a pretty good stab too.

Completely nonplussed as to what the fuck a “shanner” is though :laughing:


Shiner would be my guess,

“I was lit” instead of “like” seems weird to me, My dads the most Glaswegian man on earth and he dosent say lit instead of like @Electrifying what do you reckon?


I’m fairly sure “ken” instead of “know” is an Edinburgh thing, maybe it’s the same with lit. Or maybe it’s just a youth/slang thing.

If it means shiner then I’m still none the wiser. What the fuck does farting a shiner mean?!


Yeah I think lit for some reason is just how Scottish people type like.

Maybe it’s because as we sometimes don’t pronounce t’s at the end of words, the same happens with the k sound there so it ends up sounding like ‘li-’ so hence ‘lit’

I don’t know about shanner either lol thought it just meant a really loud fart or a shart :poldi:



Probably More my bad spelling, you know Shiner as in blow job? That’s london slang although I think I’m about 5 years older than you so could have died out, I remember nosh and shiner being the most used term


Ha I’ve never heard of that. The way that guy is speaking in that whole text he just sounds thick as fuck. Thank fuck I speak actual words.

Urban dictionary

@Kaner @JakeyBoy

A Scottish word beleived to have originated around the Central Belt sometime in the late 20th centurey describing and object (usualy a vehical) which is in a delapedated state of disrepair and generaly an embaresment to the owner.
Example 1

Jock #1 “Here mate, your car’s an utter SHANNER!”


Shiner was definitely a slang term for blowjob when I was an early teen lol, before any of us were old enough to have actually received one.