The Funny Picture/WTF Thread

One of the top 5 guys of all time… always put on a show

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*checks date




Abu Derby


Why do I like Melissa so much more than Soph? lol

You stole that caption from insta

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He survived 20 years and Covid layoff

Just Commendable. Hope he was smart enough to make decent savings

Another greentext with some toilet humour, won’t be to everyone’s taste, but had me laughing out loud :joy::rofl:


She’s acting, right?! :rofl:

Obviously. Dumbing down has its perks.

Looks like Evra hired a speedboat and some sheep just for an Instagram video. Someone really ought to check on this guy’s well-being

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The guy is really taking it to the next level. :+1: Love it.

Evra has created this image of his life (which given his wealth is probably a fair reflection of his day to day life) and he has to keep maintaining the weirdness / spontaneity.

Pretty strange but he’s a strange bloke with money to burn on strange things.

I think the context is Ronaldo had to move from one mansion to another because of loud sheeps around.

And yes Evra is nuts

Reminded me of an uncle who lived in a semi-detached pre-fab. The next door neighbour would come home with a skinful and rip 'em. My uncle’s explanation was that the party wall was only made of two News of the Worlds and a Sunday People. :slight_smile:

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:joy::rofl::rofl:. Man must be a nightmare hearing everything your neighbour does and them hearing all your conversations and stuff.

Now number 5