The former Arsenal Players thread


Couldn’t find a good place to post this so thought this thread might be useful for when we come across stories or what have you about former players.

I’ve never heard O’Leary say a bad word against Arsenal. He doesn’t say much at all really, gives very few interviews. He’s an Arsenal legend for me, his appearance record is extremely unlikely to ever be beaten.

Some Leeds stuff in here towards the end of course as well as some Irish stuff but a good read all the same.


I’m surprised he isn’t ever considered for premiership managerial positions any more, considering what he did with Leeds and Villa (and especially after seeing what happened to those clubs after he’d left!)

Instead, we get the same old duff of Allardyce, Pardew and Hughes on the merry go round


He actually says in the article he’s never had an agent so his name probably doesn’t get put forward but also that he’s had some offers too which weren’t right…probably meaning outside the PL.


Like you say his record number of games is unlikelt to be bettered and id put him up for a future statue myself. Great player and wore the shirt with true Arsenal class.