The fake news thread


As there are going to be a few Tv programmes on the subject thought we’d need our own wind up thread.

Arsene Wenger tells Carl Jenkinson
he’ll be playing Centre Midfield against Chelsea on Saturday…


Arsene Wenger and Carl Jenkinson simultaneously come to the conclusion that while they love the club, their complete ineptitude is standing in the way of progress.


Come on man, his many years of service to this club should earn him a little respect. And you can’t call him a total failure. He’s quite pacy.



Arsene Wenger and Carl Jenkinson look on from Situation Room as operation on the ground involving SEAL team six takes place to find and eliminate Osama Bin Laden.

Inspired by this pic…


Donald trump, on the advice of Armani Builders( who will be designing and building the wall) has decided to make the Mexican Wall out of red stock Bricks,instead of Concrete… And he has asked or aksed( if you appear on ArsenalFanTv} The auschwitz brick company to supply the bricks because they have no Mexicans in their employ, who are liable to nick the bricks. Coz that what they do. Blud!. Fam!!
Speaking of this momentous decision, Trump said " we are going to build the Greatest wall ever, built by the greatest White American builders in the world ever…

a spokesman for the auschwitz Brick Co said, we are delighted to be part of this endeavour and hopefully we will be involved with the building of the Canadian wall…

This could actually be true… :slight_smile:


Build the Canadian wall. I don’t want that cunt up here. Mind you, we have a nice selection of Arctic islands and ice floes he could spend time on - the longer the better.


Infowars has been invited to Whitehouse briefings.

True apparently. Lol.