The Europa League Thread


And they press too apparently.


:smile: Nope English, I just like Salzburg.


They have a great attack with Immobile, Milinkovic-Savic, Alberto and Anderson. They a bit shit at the back though.


I want Atletico.

Let’s have it out now for an easier route to the final


Arsenal - CSKA.

Tough away fixture but decent tie I guess


CSKA Moscow

That’ll do


Yes! Good tie for us. Us, Marseille, Atletico and Lazio should all go through.


It’s up to Arsenal to avenge salisbury - need to batter these guys on Putin’s doorstep


I’d rather have avoided a Russian team – can’t imagine many will be up for that away trip :smile:

But I think we can get through it.


Loool stay safe away support.these russian bods will be heavy looking for a fight.

Atletico keep getting such piss easy draws man.

Tough away trip but I’ll take it. Could have been arsenal Lyon… Laca at his old club


Fucking Putin boys! Let’s do them :sanchez2:


Slightly worried playing home first.

But a good draw overall.


3000+ mile round trip.

Принесите свою собственную воду


Last time we played these shmucks we lost 1-0 in Russia and drew 0-0 at home. Just saying. Back then we played good football too.




If we lose I’m blaming Putin.

It’s the fashionable thing to do these days

So the final ties are:

Arsenal - CSKA
Atletico - Sporting
Marseille - RB Leipzig
Lazio - RB Salzburg


Putin agent. Scotland Yard is coming for you :mustafi:


Win 4-0 at home then forfeit the away leg to keep Mrs may happy


Forgot this was happening until I came on here lol and I see we got CSKA Moscow, Happy with that tbh.


It’s not the easiest draw actually, pretty sure Arsenal have never won in Russia.

I went to Lokomotiv in 03 and then the CSKA group stage game a year or so later in the same
place ‘cos they were groundsharing, both were dire :smile: And we had good teams out

Glad the home tie is first. We’ll do the standard thing by beating them by more in London than they beat us by in Moscow, but we’ll go through