The Europa League Thread


The draw will be as follows:

Arsenal v Lyon
Atletico v Lazio
RB Leipzig v RB Salzburg
Sporting Lisbon v Marseille



Don’t jinx it ffs you go ahead and touch some wood NOW.

Tell me when you’ve touched it.




Luca is always touching his own wood :henry2:





Plzen already up against Sporting. Game on! They only need 1 goal to go to ET.

Lazio are attacking, while Dinamo are just defending.


I completely forgot that we weren’t through and have another match.


good lad :+1:


Lazio, Marseille and Leipzig up.

1-0 Lazio

1-0 Red Bull

1-0 Marseille

Lazio are completely bossing the game. They need a second soon.

Zenit equalize.

Marsielle, Lazio and Plzen up, while Zenit draw.


Basta just bottled a big chance to make it 2-0.
2-0 Marseille. Game and tie over.

2-0 Plzen! They go to ET atm.


Ffs zenit


Fucking Putin using gas to kick Leipzig out! :mustafi:

FFS @Electrifying! Nothing has happened!


Dinamo close to equalize with a good shot from just outside the box.


Just that they are losing on aggregate. Need Leipzig out.


Bibao pull one back.

Aduriz off with a double yellow. No Bilbao have no one to score for them.


I didn’t realise that Athletic were losing that bad!


They’ve struggled this year haven’t they?


Dinamo are getting closer and closer. Lazio really need to put the game to bed now!


Very average all year! I can’t say I’ve been as up-to-date this season with the football but it’s surprising to see them doing so badly. Seems as if they were like this before they sold Laporte too!


No Don Valverde imo

(I say this not having watched them at all this season lol)