The Europa League Thread


Lyon Dortmund Milan treble to win is 10/1 on sky bet

Wtf. Take my money!!


Already have fifty quid riding on Milan tonight so really can’t justify depositing any more money and having it on Milan, but that is pretty tasty


Lyon are away in Russia though. Plus, Fekir is out – he’s their most creative player. It won’t be easy.


I am on exactly the opposite you guys are betting on. :slight_smile:


You betting on us to win :open_mouth:

@Phoebica that’s a good point. I didn’t even know who they were playing lol, just assume it was dross as this is EL. I’m basically a dream for betting companies haha


Yeah i can’t see Lyon winning in Russia tonight, that would represent the lucrative part of that treble coming in


I do think the EL is too inconsistent to bet on regularly anyway. It has too many upsets and close games in some distant places to feel confident.


LOL I’m as freaked out about it haha. I can’t remember the last time I’ve backed Arsenal :slight_smile: I’ve actually gone for the double chance and CSKA to beat Lyon. But beating them does seem like a possibility, I think we will turn up tonight. Milan have been a little over-hyped by people because of several good results they had.

Also I have to say it’s kind of too late to start betting against Arsenal as we’ve already exhausted most of the embarrassing results and at these odds it’s simply not worth it.


Lyon are unpredictable. They could easily lose today.


hah I cashed out my earlier £10 bet on milan to get my original stake back so I could put it on that treble instead!


Hmm I dunno. The fifty quid I’ve got on Milan is the cash earned by betting on Brighton to beat us at 4.2

Theres still value to be had my friend :grin:

FWIW my bet has nothing to do with rating Milan, its simply a case of thinking that a Welbeck led Arsenal is footballing cancer lol


I also bet on Brighton but at 3/1 it was a lot more attractive than the near evens on Milan. When it was 3/2 I was contemplating it but now that the price was pushed down it’s not worth it. And after contemplating and analyzing over it, I have deducted this one is going our way anyway so I am sorry you will have to part with your hard earned 50 quid but I am sure that witnessing one of Wenger’s last European nights basked in glory will suffocate that disappointment. :stuck_out_tongue:


Niguez golazo! :cech:

1-0 Red Bull

2-0 Red Bull. @Persona, look at this attempt to stop the shot :rofl:

2-0 Atletico

Dortmund pull one back. Schurrle.

1-0 Lyon

Tie over in Madrid. 3-0 Koke,

Atletico, Lyon and Red Bull win.


Salzburg gets a good result in Dortmund. Piss my pants for Atletico tbh.


Good if Dortmund got knocked out. One less team to worry about.


Marseille and Sporting up, while the others draw.


The 5th official actually did something!

It was the wrong decision, but still, nice to see one of them to join the party :grin:


Wouldn’t be a good result for Lazio if this remains as is.


Zenit with the away goal


we really need some random team to knock out Atletico btw, because we for sure aren’t going to beat them