The Europa League Thread


After losing at home to the Swedish mob it’s hard to be confident, if they were in England what tier of English football would they be in ?
In all honesty though we should be beating Milan you’re right, they are what 6th or 7th in Serie A ? Which isn’t as good as the EPL.


Not really. I’m very slow and dumb tbh, so nope no clue, only thought was that you just wanted to be a whiney asshole for no particular reason.


See told you that you might be surprised @shamrockgooner


Lol I’ll admit it, I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box.


Funny my intellect told me that’s exactly what you were doing. :slight_smile:


No I have a perfectly valid point about Sarri. He’s regarded as the football tactics genius atm. He played a weakened team and got punished. He came out and said it’s his fault yhe players played like shit. Wenger played a strong side we killed off the tie in the first leg and then we rested our team for the cup final. Wenger did a better job at managing our club than Mr Sarri football genius. Anyone moaning about us losing is going way ott.

I will give credit where it’s due to Sarri for taking responsibility for making mistakes and getting knocked out though. Wenger doesn’t do it enough if ever. It’s bad optics and brings a lot of unneeded scrutiny.


Haven’t said otherwise.


So what’s the issue then? You would prefer me not to respond to incessant whining I feel is way ott in an attempt to bring some perspective into the conversation? I don’t stand for people knocking Wenger about trivial things.


Let’s just say if we do edge past MIlan we will be hoping to get the winners of the Sporting/ Plzen tie.


I’m not long in from watching The Rovers and the best game of football I have seen in weeks (months maybe) so feel no need to continue this. Have a nice evening. :slight_smile:




I love it you’re like the Trump of OA


Them being knocked out isn’t as big of a suprise because some people thought Napoli was not going to take these ties as serious because they are in the midst of a title challenge. Plus Leipzig is a solid team. Although in the 2nd tie they did play six or seven of their regular starters.


Lmao can’t work out how that’s a good thing.


I think we’ll do Milan. Probably being a fucking idiot by being even vaguely optimistic but I’m still somehow not ready to get pessimistic about the shit tier European competition.


I think you will as well, I just can’t work us out this season, just like arsenal we still need a seriously quality central midfielder, and as Luca says bonucci hasn’t been great! Just hope cutrone gets his chance.


Has kessie no been a beast??



With Wellbeck up front, I’m not expecting much.


Sounds to me like he is talking about his managerial skills…