The Europa League Thread


I was there, was probably one of my worst experiences as a football fan. Got an arsenal end ticket on the cheap and hid my colours. Some near me weren’t so clever and wore milan shirts, and some pricks in front of me kept shouting xenophobic shit at them for the entire ninety minutes, I tried to tell them I’m half Italian as well so can they keep it down but they just carried on even more after that.

On a positive though I got to see 45 minutes of a defence with Djemal Mesbah in it not concede a goal :joy:


Well, rip. At least it’s an entertaining draw and may actually have me watch the game.



And this wont galvinise us at all. In fact probably make us shit ourselves even more. This side has the worst mentality probably ever seen at our club.


its all good lads, we will have another try at winning it under a decent manager next season

although, Milan have Roma and Inter around those games so they have a tough set of domestic fixtures, whereas we have Brighton and Watford etc…:giroud3:


Im actually a bit annoyed by those comments. Because I know we wont react. We will just bend over and get shafted like a hooker instead. Cant stand the nicey nicey ‘‘its ok to lose’’ mentality at our club. Infuriating.


Are they that savage comments? Maybe I’m just not seeing it. He probably genuinely thinks they’ll beat us after we were well beaten at home by the smallest side in the last 32. Reasonable assertion in my book

But, he called us a big club and said it would’ve made a good final


Exactly. No one cares.

If you think it deserves commenting on then do so. No idea why people make posts like this.


You say that and I do agree but then we beat Man City in the fa cup semi final and league winners Chelsea in the fa cup final.

It’s like the players and Wenger decide when they can and can’t be bothered to be mentally tough.


Yep, but we only have 2 european cups :wink:


You know that Silva scoring against would mean a new low for us, aren’t you? I can’t believe he can do it.


He looks like a gangster, tbh. Shut the fuck up, you pizza mafia boy.


Can’t believe people are scared of the former Berlusconi club. FFS! I would have understood Atletico or Lazio, but this fucking side have Borini, Montolivo, a finished Bonucci and even Donnarumma looks shit sometimes.

The first to have a losing mentality are our supporters.

From Gazzetta:

Milan, ecco l’Arsenal: Wenger senza bomber ma che qualità con Özil e Mkhitaryan

Milan, here’s Arsenal: Wenger without a top CF, but so much quality with Ozil and Mkhitaryan.

Even the italian newspapers rate us higher than our supporters.


mate some swedish Ice Hockey players and curlers scored against us last night


It doesn’t mean Silva is gonna score against us :ozil2:


The difference in this Tie will likely end up being one side is managed by Arsene Wenger and the other is not.


It’s managed by Gattuso lol

Honestly, it would be a new low for Arsenal to struggle against this Milan side.


Pretty clear why I made that post, you are intelligent I’m sure you figured it out.


Like losing to Ostersund?


I’m also sure you’re intelligent enough to know what I meant.


Might be surprised :henry2: :campbell: