The Europa League Thread


Fuck it give the kids a go in the league. First team for this now. Like it or not this cup matters more.


This is the great advantage of not being in Europe’s top European competition.
If we had got to the knock out round of the CL, we would have normally got Barcelona or Bayern Munich.
In this competition we get a Swedish village team.
It must have been a plan by Wenger and that’s why we didn’t get a top four place.


I’m booking my tickets now! A 900km drive in February, but what the hell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I believe we can fuck this up, no doubt.


Cool! I draw against a Swedish team! Gotta love the Euro League



“I want to exchange a few words with Wenger and ask him why he sets his team up as he does."

"He can stay. But I still need to talk to him about those starting line-ups.”


They qualified from a group with Hertha and Athletic, tbh. Good draw, but let’s not underestimate them.


That is genuinely brilliant, Celeby Gooners need to be more like Ronnie!

Hope there’s a jokey press conference response from Wenger.


Ostersunds manager is english :henry2:. We are going out, then.



Such an old joke (varies between Arsenal and Spurs) but still funny :grin:


Looks like we won’t be seeing the 1st team in the Europa League until at least March.


We will never see the first team in the Europa League. That’s just a reality.


Shame really as it’s arguably our best chance of Champions League Football


I would argue the opposite :grin:

Wenger finished in the top 4 for 20 years and he had 9 years without a trophy and 20 years without a European trophy. Top 4 is always going to be the priority for him until it’s out of reach.


Your probably right, I’d just rather qualify through winning the Europa League over 4th place, give me 6th & the Europa League over 4th and winning nothing any day.


Away leg at 18:00

Home leg at 20:05 just like the Group Stage

Ostersunds FK v Arsenal
Thursday 15 February
Kick-off: 6pm (UK time)
Venue: Jamtkraft Arena

Arsenal v Ostersunds FK
Thursday, February 22
Kick-off: 8.05pm (UK time)
Venue: Emirates Stadium


Osterunds manager Graham Potter is the only English manager still in the competition and has brought them from the fourth division to the first in just a few seasons.
By anyone’s standards that is pretty impressive.


Other than unsworth for a game or two was there others to begin with?


Yeah I know this. Hence why I mentioned that he was English in my original post 12 hours ago. There was a big article about him and the team in FourFourTwo magazine a few issues ago.


Feels like a Sutton type draw, underdogs with a small stadium who beat a decent team to get here