The Europa League Thread


Hoffenheim kill the game off. 3-0.



GET IN TRAORÉ! Topo’s picks always come through. :raised_hands:




Austria Wien pull one back. Too little, too late.
Very good win for Atalanta. Milan, instead :arteta:
3-1 Rijeka and game truly over.


ffs Östersund drew Athletic Bilbao 2-2 ! :rofl: A team that has won La Liga 8 times! And they had higher possession % and passing accuracy than Athletic, and were leading 2-1 until the 89th minute! these guys are insane lol Östersund didn’t even exist as a football club until 1996 :joy:


Watched the last 10 minutes of the Everton Lyon game. Lyon have so many good young players and they play exciting football. Can we buy a few more to go along with Lacazette???!

Also will Everton have a new manager for Sunday? Wouldn’t surprise me they look worse than us!


Not one Everton fan turns on that prick. Thats low and holding his child like that simply pathetic.


Anyone know how the seedlings for the round of 32 Europa league work ? I assume the 12 group winners are seeded, but what about the 8 CL drop outs ?


Hope not, as we need them to keep the current form :wenger:


Yeah the 12 group winners are all seeded and then the 4 best CL drop-outs - based on how they’ve done in their group I think, not UEFA ranking.


Weird isnt it looking that far forward after 3 games in europe. Im enjoying the ride for now.


Nah the group stage games are irrelevant for us now, I’m pessimistic and even I know we are topping the group :joy:. In saying that I will enjoy the final 3 group games knowing we are under no pressure.


I bet you will, exactly what part of yourself do you plan to hold against the ultras?



We can buy Ozil and Alexis’s replacements, then!


Haha, they couldn’t even afford me for £53,000 :grin:


We would have enough left for cash reserves as well.


We can’t be playing in this mess of a competition next season, but it’d be massive for the club to win a modern European trophy, I miss everything about the CL, especially the anthem :neutral_face:


You can hear the anthem every Champions League game week. As much as we’re a big loss to the competition, they haven’t stopped playing it out of respect for us :smile: