The Europa League Thread


iwobi scores


Anyone with a stable stream?


LOL. Now get Auba out.


Brozovic just missed a penalty.


Kevin Trapp :heart_eyes_cat:


1-0 Dinamo Zagreb

1-0 Villarreal

1-1 Zenit

1-1 Slavia Prague

2-1 Seville

2-2 Slavia Prague

Dinamo up at HT, while Inter, Zenit and Seville draw.


Seville, Zenit and Benfica all with work to do :thinking:


That was penalty to Frankfurt, tbh.
2-1 Villarreal.

Villarreal running riot. 3-1.

Dinamo and Villarreal win, while Frankfurt and Seville draw.


Bizarre night when you have Rennes, Slavia and Zagreb all in the box seat :grimacing:


Shit competition. The 4th spot is much better and i think Emery sees it as more doable. Look at the different performances in the Europa League and in the league.


Chelsea getting lucky again.

1-0 Valencia

1-0 Napoli

2-0 Napoli


I was thinking Napoli / Salzburg could be the tie of the round


2-0 Valencia. Another lucky team, with a lucky draw.

Napoli, Valencia and Chelsea up at HT.
Napoli with the killer, but they waste it.
Some own goal from Red Bull! 3-0.

2-1 Krasnodar and 2-0 Chelsea.

2-1 Krasnodar

2-0 Chelsea

3-0 Chelsea. Fucking pathetic!

Chelsea, Napoli and Valencia win.


I thought Napoli don’t give a shit about the Europa League ? Or at least that’s what I was told by a few on here :thinking:.


Beating overrated opponents.


However, 4th spot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Europa League.


To be fair, it is Ancelotti whos managing now.


Yeah Napoli are fortunate they didn’t draw the might of Rennes in the round of 16, then they’d really have been up against it.



Errr yeah, I think it’s time for bed Luca. See you in the morning.