The Europa League Thread


Hopefully Sarri stays until the end of the season :unai:


Can’t believe they haven’t just accepted it. Who do these little scrubs think they are?!


Good for Rennes! Hope any protest is upheld and the fixture is played as it came out of the hat.

BATE were swept aside easily in that behind-closed-doors match we played on Thursday, this one will be plain sailing as well. The fans get another night off


That ruling for the TV companies is one of the worst things UEFA have done, the soulless vampire cunts.


Apparently it’s a police ruling so they don’t have four sets of fans all travelling to the games at the same time. They can’t police them both at the same time


Wait my bad I thought this was about 2 teams from the same country not being able to play on the same night, home or away due to TV clashes.

This is something else. I’d delete the post but I got 3 likes so fuck it :kos2:


Shall we see if we can get the NLD called off? :thinking:


Lol pathetic league.


Rennes is definitely a banana peel, have to shut them down on the wings. Can Kolasinac and Lich handled it?


Fucking french farmers.


90,000 want to see Jenks in the flesh. Unreal.


He is the biggest Arsenal fan in the world tbf to him.




We’re not playing Reims we’re playing Rennes :slight_smile:


:eyes: nothing to see here folks


Also, what’s the difference between Reims and Reims? :thinking:


Nimes, Reims, Rennes, Caen and Cannes.

Bluddy French making things difficult again :speak_no_evil:


Calum cocked up lol!


Why would you use this opportunity with a polite sentence? Do you not care for rest of us?


Seville already up against Slavia Prague.