The Europa League Thread


@Aussiegooner, have you become pro-Wenger just to prove your point?


Nah, I’m not pro Wenger and he had to go, just think it was a fair effort from our board to manage to appoint someone who couldn’t improve our level of play.

I did feel at times bad for hammering the rid Wenger agenda though considering all he did for the club, so when we did finally get rid of him I was hopeful it would at least be for someone worthy who could take us forward.


It’s certainly not better, an attractive, winning football style isn’t implemented in 7 months, ask Sarri, Guardiola and Klopp, they’ll comfirm.

It’s also certainly not worse but I’d love to hear about those key indicators.

So we weren’t just too shit under Wenger then? Can’t believe we are worse now as I am unable to fathom what is worse than too shit.


I don’t want to sound boring, but we should judge him after he brings the players he wants in.


We’re creating less clear cut chances than any season under Wenger, we’re also conceding as many clear cut chances as we did last season in which we were diabolical defensively.

What we have done well for the most part this season is be clinical with the chances we have had, which is a good thing as if we hadn’t been the gap between us and 4th would be to big to close.


Chances are, if I was willing to put in the work, I’d find posts from you on this very forum complaining about Wengerball because we create stupid amount of chances that we can’t convert.

Also, clear cut chances is a subjective measurement and as such, cannot be a key indicator.

Morealso, Wengerball had lost it’s magic towards the latter years of his reign and we weren’t even creating that many chances, we had become famous for a clueless side-way passing football style with no clear idea of dangerous penetration, boring, easily predictable and easy to defend against with lots of bodies.


Correct with all the points on Wenger I wanted him gone 5 years ago so I’m not going to debate any of that.

All I’m saying is Emery was a diabolical appointment and I pray the club realises that by the end of next season at the latest, as I’m sick of watching the tripe we deliver at 3am on a Monday morning on a regular basis.


Who would you prefer? Arteta?


If the choice was Arteta or Emery yeah I’d go for someone that could be the next big thing over someone you know certainly won’t be. That’s not to say Arteta was my number 1 choice by any means, but I very much doubt he’d play with the cowardice Emery does, with 7 defensive minded players vs Huddersfield & Torriera at the 10 for the final 30 mins when it’s 1-1 at Brighton.


Anyways we probably should get back onto the topic of the Europa League, sorry for partly derailing the thread.


So if Arsenal went for Paul Scholes after 2 matches as he could be the next big thing that would be okay then.
Such a weak reasoning that one mate.


Well Arteta has been under arguably the best manager in Europe for the last couple of seasons, so you’d think he’d learnt a thing or two.

Again he wasn’t my no 1 choice, but I think the appointment and limited ceiling of Unai Emery is rather depressing, it’s fine if other people don’t feel the same way about Emery, hopefully you’re right and I’m wrong.


Tbh cone gnome arguments always triggers me.:grinning:


FWIW I think aspiring managers who haven’t yet been the head manager at any club are usually always best served doing some time at a club with less expectations first off.


To be honest a lot of key indicators suggest Arteta would be a lot worse than Emery.


If anyone accepted our new place in the English football chain as the 4th-6th club and that they are not going to compete for the top places on the sort term I would ‘group’ myself in that category. However if there are chances like 15/16 or we get an easy draw in this season’s Europa League and lose the first game the frustration about that tends to be a lot more. Especially when seeing the performance and how toothless Arsenal were. Simply because Arsenal in their current state doesn’t get a lot of those opportunities.

When they also make, in my eyes, unfavourable choices it gets more difficult to just shrug it away. Because the choice shouldn’t have been made in the first place.


Seville-Lazio today.


Why can’t we play our Europa League games on a Wednesday? We could reminisce and pretend we’re playing CL football instead.


Seville the Europa League specialists should do the job vs Lazio given the result in the 1st leg.


Yeah, can see them knocking us out and showing that it’s actually the team who are the Europa League kings and not former manager Emery :unai: