The Europa League Thread


Sadly I don’t think we can win this with how awful we’re defensively. Somewhere along the line we’ll put in a defensive horror show.


Weve got money but dont spend it. Like everything else unless there is a policy change were fucked. Plus I dont the CL alone would paper over a bad 2nd league season.


Yeah without signings we wont be good enough.


We’re not a worse team than last season. We can definitely win this.


Yeah but we had a better manager last year.


That’s debateable. Not that I’m about to enter into such a debate.


Anyone good in this left other than Chelsea? Chelsea might be our Atletico in a different way. Just the thought of Hazard v our defence in a final :flushed:


Napoli are a better side than us. I’d have us as 3rd favourite after Chelsea & Napoli.


People forget the mess we got ourselves into in Moscow. Im not convinced we would have put in as comfortable performance as Atletico did in the final either.


We absolutely would have beaten OM in the final. They are garbage.


Wengers last game in a European final I’m sure they’d have been super up for it aswell


A team who only won one away game on the last day of the season, would not have been nailed on to win.
We where 4 1 up going to moscow and found ourselves 2 down at one stage and in trouble. My point was it would not have been the cake walk Atletico made of it.


Meh u throw league form out the window in these situations. We really did give Atletico who are a far superior team, all they could handle and they just did beat us. I mean for an over the hill Wenger and one of the worst teams talent wise in at least my time watching Arsenal, Wenger had the team over achieving to give them the issues we did. We’d have easily won the final cuz Wenger has bottle in cup comps.

This year with the advantage of Auba, Sokratis, and Torreira the team has improved and I think Wenger would win it going away this season.


We didnt have a shot in Madrid. They just bossed it for 90 minutes. Nah but Weng and Europe just dont go together.


That tie was over after the home leg. Against ten men we should have been able to win by three but instead we shit the bed.


We can win it as long as there is no small-dicking from Emery.

Ozil will play most of the games I guess.


Really have to hope we somehow avoid Chelsea and Napoli, I wouldn’t fancy us vs either 180 minutes. Chances are we will have to take at least one of them out to win the competition though.


Didn’t we beat Chelsea last season over two legs in the CC?


Yeah we did so who knows it’s possible, though I think Chelsea are little stronger this season under Sarri compared to the 2nd season under Conte.


And we are weaker without Wenger. Especially defensively.