The Europa League Thread


From which decade?


Well his first 10/15 years.

Basically what I meant is I enjoy sexy attacking football. But lately, a few 1-0s in a row would have been delightful :+1:


Hope Arteta being a disciple of Wenger and Pep will bring that type of sexy football back. I’d never want to see Arsenal hoofing the ball all game


Simeone deserves all the credit he gets and someone has to be defensive minded. You get it in all sports, it just not for me


Well done to Atletico. If we had taken our chances it could have been us, but we Arsenal-ed it as usual.


Gifted game after game. Ffs. Can’t actually stand their tactics, no matter how effective they are.


I don’t consider continuous disgraceful defending “ a beautiful game”


Exactly. Us and Marseille have literally gifted them the cup, despite being the better team.


No the better team is the one that didn’t make stupid mistakes.


Marseille lost 3-0… not sure you can argue they were the better team, lol.

And as for us, well we couldn’t score another of the 20 chances we had over the two legs and our defender kicked the ball into his own face, so…

Yeah, I think the right team won.



Let us not forget that CSKA, Milan and Ostersund were a pile of shit too.

This competition is shit. Just because we were in it this year and had to care doesn’t change that. We knew we could have probably taken anyone on in this competition and would probably come unstuck against Atletico.


Simeone’s style of football might not be great to watch, but it’s certainly effective and successful.

People seem to forget that only a few seasons ago we were playing possession based football, passing the ball about endlessly with no end result.

This was not only ineffective but was also boring to watch, and as a supporter very frustrating, as well as unsuccessful.


Maybe Atletico won’t drop into it next year, cross fingers.


At the end of the day, we could have beaten Atletico and it’s our own fault for not doing so. I watched the final and I liked atletico’s style. They scored 3 goals, efficient. How anyone can say that the better team lost is beyond me here. The better team doesn’t concede 3.


We do have Chelsea in it but that’s fair enough as they start the season in it unlike fucking Atlètico this season!!!


Meh we’ve beaten Chelsea plenty


Apart from europe on a fateful night when our whole history could have changed forever.


They are our bitchies :kos2:


But now Artetiola is our manager things will be different.